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When Hearts Fail

Show Friday! Porter Memorial Baptist Church, Lex!


Genres: Metalcore / Hardcore / Metal

Location: Cynthiana, KY

Stats: 18 fans / 3,263 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Derek Hudgins-Vocals, Doug Smith-bass, Preston Soper-Guitar, Ryan McCarty-Guitar, Cason Macintosh-Drums

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  • Purplesquid said:
    i found your guys' fb page randomly and had an eargasm... just saying you doods are brutal as fuck. is "if i'm not back in 5 minutes, wait longer" an ace ventura pet detective reference? Jan 31
  • Jack The Ripper said:
    Lick Me Plz Jan 24
  • Bree said:
    You guys are amazing ♥♥♥ ! I love all of your song's, but I must say "It Will End" Is my favorite (: Dec 27
  • abbey said:
    Amazing art work I must say!!! Haha and congrts great job guys I love you all!!! Dec 24
  • Chris Muntz said:
    @AskingTres Thanks man!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it!! Dec 24
  • AskingTres said:
    omg....i wanna say badass but im not sure thats a strong enough word. DAYUMMM! chris has my props lol Dec 23
  • Justin Gasser said:
    You guys did work! S.O.S is my favorite! Dec 23
  • Chris Muntz said:
    Thank you guys a lot, we appreciate it!!!!!! Dec 22
  • KinseyLesak said:
    my favorite is S.O.S :) Dec 22
  • Doug Robinson said:
    if im not back in five is my fav.!!!! Dec 21

Fear Me Now

Dec 18, 2010

The Rising

No release date


Clintonville, KY


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Jack The Ripper

Broadwell, KY

mason.".nosam (Listener)

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