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Walker Caine

...it's an attitude


Genres: Southern Rock / Acoustic / Alternative

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Stats: 0 fans / 42 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: A lot of people who are up to having some fun

Walker Caine 2012

I delve into a diverse array of music that I like, mix it together, and hope that someone else out there will like it too.

The way I see it, screw the past - always go forward. I stopped keeping track a long time ago; there's time to think about that stuff later. So... was born, have lived, will die. I've been with some great names, but since you're only as good as where you are now it really doesn't matter. Obviously with the "look at me look at me" nature of the business, that attitude has helped me piss-off a lot of people I probably shouldn't.

I'm happy doing what I do, traveling pretty steadily playing places everyone else has forgotten or won't bother to look for; but it's still a rush when someone stops me by some forgotten name. My kids keep me grounded by laughing at the stituations I find myself in sometimes, because they know my first instinct is to run.

When I'm home I do volunteer work in Music Education and charities (actually I do that on the road too); put even more miles on the bike; write, produce, and whatever else might come my way to learn, experience, and share.

It's an attitude, and that road never ends my friend.