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Wake Up Paradise

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Genres: Alternative / Rock / Pop

Location: East Freehold, NJ

Stats: 1 fans / 71 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Tim Montalvo, Sal Brisindi, Roger Wuy, Lou Acerra, Eric Dellavalle

Wake Up Paradise is a four-piece rock group from Central New Jersey with something to say, and that something is...WAKE UP! Listen to their debut single, "Hits The Ground", and you will get the message loud and clear.

Roger, Sal, Eric and Lou have merged their respective instruments together to create a distinct, yet very accessible sound that showcases influences from alternative rock to jazz and hip hop. Which is then topped off and held together with Tim's strong, yet soulfully clean vocals. Born in the 80's and raised in the 90's, these young men have lived through mankind's most exciting times and has seen this world go through some major milestones and setbacks.

Shaped by their favorite childhood tunes and the desire to help change the world, Wake Up Paradise has created a fun, upbeat, soulfully energetic rock sound that is sure to stick in your head and leave you wanting more. Keep an ear out for these guys. It shouldn't be too hard...they have a bullhorn. WUP! WUP!



Touch the Sky EP

May 01, 2014