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Virus Cycle


Genres: Industrial / Electronic / Metal

Location: Arkham, MA

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Members: Virum

Virus Cycle is a new project by musician Johnny Virum. Virum combines haunting lyrics, pulsating beats, and grinding buzzsaw-esque guitars which takes listeners on a journey into a post-apocalyptic future of death and decay, ruled by the flesh-eating undead. It encourages the listeners to think about how important the urge for human survival really is. In 2006, Virum self-released the Memento Mori E.P., which has been played on the radio (both studio- and internet-based) from California to Germany. He would go on to co-write and produce two more albums in a previous project - one in 2007 and another in 2009 - while playing nearly one hundred shows by 2008. During his previous project, Virum had the opportunity to play shows in many states (Pennsylvania, New York, and all over the New England area) while sharing the stage with some of his favorite artists, including The Misfits, Gothminister, Carfax Abbey, and Thou Shalt Not. In July 2009, Virum left his previous project to pursue other musical ventures. As Virus Cycle was beginning to take shape, Virum, no longer limited musically by his former genres, began to feel a freedom that he hadn’t felt since the creation of the Memento Mori E.P. The new project came with a new sound and a new genre in which Virum has labeled “Industrial Zombie Tech.” On February 23, 2011, Virus Cycle will release a digital-only album entitled Alice in Zombieland.



Alice in Zombieland

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