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The Strings Club

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The Strings Club

Learning to play a musical instrument can be daunting for young children��.but not anymore!!


Violin lessons Birmingham  - Thanks for visiting The Strings Club based in England where children aged 4-12 years of age can join a holiday camp or attend school or after-school sessions. The are small , tuition requires music games combining the very best learning methods present in music education today.Parents and their children could decide among Violin, Cello, Guitar or perhaps the Ukulele!

The Strings Club doesn't simply instrumental tuition buta musical event, where each Strings Club member is built to seem like a specialist musician where each course ends using a grand concert. This is the perfect opportunity to see what your youngster as well as their tutors have achieved.

Better still you can attend even though you have not held a guitar in your entire life. Children can start the Caterpillar Class for complete beginners. Watch your children, with support and motivation in the Strings Club and their carefully crafted curriculum, progress to Chrysalis and Butterfly levels. Intermediate and advanced ensembles provide key support in your child's usual term-time lessons - going for the ability to develop their ensemble-based skills along with fun playing music with other people! Violin lessons Birmingham

Tuition comes from experienced tutors and professional musicians no must buy a guitar since these could be hired especially for the course.

The regular 10- week courses, coinciding with school term-time, are the ideal way of introducing children for the joys of playing a musical instrument. Furthermore each child on term-time courses will also benefit from a special outing to a music event, concert or open rehearsal.

The theory is so good the company won the NECTAR Start-Up of the Year award, thanks to its demonstration of on-going success and nationwide expansion which is proof of our prime quality of tuition given from term-time courses to holiday camps to in-school sessions.

The Strings Club is proving extremely popular with Primary Schools across England as well as the �Strings Club Minis� is a great introduction for key stage 1 pupils in developing their knowledge of basic music concepts in the practical way. It helps pupils develop those core music skills along with self-confidence as well as an enthusiasm for performing and learning about music.The versatile and vibrant curricula stands as an integral part of the National Curriculum music lessons. Each course provides a long-term initiative, shared aims for all in addition to the possibility to gain recognised music qualifications with the ABRSM (Associated Board from the Royal School of Music).


It�s fun and friendly and youngsters and fogeys adore it.


Posted Feb 08, 2014 at 1:56am