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VIctoria Cardona


Genres: Blues / Jazz / Soul

Location: Royal Plm Bch, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Victoria Cardona

Hey ya'll,
drop a second and take a listen.

Gratefully yours,


  • Sammie Smiles said:
    awesome!!!! I wish I could download them :( but seriously this is soooooo cool! Jul 13
  • Izzzz said:
    Is that you on guitar ? It's real good xx Dec 28
  • Aodhán Gregory said:
    Hey you have alot of talent and alot of potential. You add real structure to the songs and thats great to see. I have been in the music business for quite some time, so I can tell you that with the right exposure and marketing you could easily make quite a career for yourself in music. Good luck with the full lenght album, I wish you the best with it. Sep 15
  • Nick said:
    Hey, I'm glad you suggested that I listen to you, you're really good. Your songs have a great structure and the chords you are playing arn't the basic ones that everyone over uses. Do you have tabs/ chords for any of your songs on the internet? Sep 14
  • Joslyne said:
    I love it. Your voise is amazing. It so strong, but yet so soft. Sep 14
  • Laurenskiskiski! said:
    Oh and By the way, on my myspace I put a link to your music myspace page on mine under my music thingy =] Sep 13
  • Laurenskiskiski! said:
    I really enjoyed your stuff =] Your verry talented and I will fo sho spread the word on here and on myspace =] I don't like much Folk and whatnot but your really good =] Keep up the good work! =] Your gonna go far. =] Sep 13
  • Sean_cookandmaid said:
    You're really talented. I also read on your myspace you play like 5 other instruments. God has really blessed you. Peace. Sep 12
  • Chloe said:
    very nice... relaxing. ill let some people know - Keep it up! Sep 12
  • Kelly said:
    beautiful songwriting :) Sep 12
  • hrly687 said:
    this is really good, i must say Sep 11
  • shadow1794 said:
    Wow, okay, so I went to listen to you, not expecting much. Normally people that aren't very well known on purevolume need to stay that way, but you're really good. I'm not even that much of a fan of your genre, but I couldn't stop listening...I will definitely spread the word. Sep 09
  • CocoaButterfly said:
    Hi Victoria! You make good music, it's different!! I wish i could play the guitar like you!! jejej BesT wisHes froM Spain!! Sep 08

The Spade Demo

Sep 08, 2008

Steadfast Umbrella

No release date



shame. shame.

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