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Genres: Metal / Rock

Location: Centre Island, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Pete DeRuvo- Vocals, Chris F. - Lead Guitar, Nat Kingsley - Guitar,

Valor was formed in 2007 by long time friends and writing partners Chris F. and Nat Kingsley. Chris and Nat have participated in many projects together and played together in KYNDUVME, so they are no strangers to the music scene . As they began writing some "heavier" songs they enlisted Pete DeRuvo, singer of the New York based metal/hardcore outfit Subject to Change. Chris was also a member of Subject to Change, so it was a natural progression to call upon Pete to have the two styles "melt" together.
Valor has been a work in progress for almost two years and it is now time to unleash the beast. With pounding riffs, VALOR is a metal band with melodic hooks. Their new sound gives a breath of fresh air to listeners while keeping true to their roots.

Members of VALOR over the years have shared the stage with acts such as; Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Anthrax, Madball, Mudvayne, Biohazard, Bloodsimple, Bury Your Dead, Black Sabbath, Linkin Park, Pappa Roach, Ace Frehly and Disturbed among others.

Meet the Band

On October 17th, Chris F. graced the world with his presence. At a very young age Chris knew that he wanted to learn guitar after hearing U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" . From that point on he knew that music was the career path to follow. Chris has played in numerous bands since High School, he met Nat at 17 and they began their musical journey. Chris followed a career path to 5 Towns College to study music and engineering, where he later became a professor and chairperson of the Audio Recording Technology Department. Chris was inspired to open his own recording studio "East Coast Recording" where he makes the magic happen. In that time, Chris and Nat were still writing and playing in bands together including KYNDUVME. Chris met Pete when he joined the hardcore/metal outfit Subject to Change. In early 2007, Chris, Nat and Pete teamed up and began writing and recording, which led to the creation of VALOR, a new and different project, but still following their roots. Chris is currently a work ing producer in the music business and has worked with many different acts of many different genres.

August 14th, Nathaniel (Nat) Kingsley entered the world ready to ROCK. He grew up in Oyster Bay, NY where he studied trumpet and played for his High School. Nat met Chris working at Sagamore Hill National Park concession stand and the relationship grew from there. Chris began to teach Nat guitar lessons. Chris and Nat had played in several bands together including KYNDUVME until forming VALOR in 2007. Nat studied Classical Guitar at SUNY Potsdam's Crane School of Music. His early influences are very ecclectic from Queen, Sepultura and Pantera to local New York hardcore scene staples VOD, Madball, and 25ta Life.

Born July 6th, Pete DeRuvo came into this world screaming bloody murder. From 1996-2006 Pete fronted the hardcore/metal outfit Subject to Change, which is where he met guitarist Chris F. In that time he has had the pleasure sharing the stage with many national acts. In 2005, Pete begin training with renowned metal vocal coach Melissa Cross and appeared in her DVD Zen of Screaming 2, which is sold everywhere. Pete and Chris teamed up with Nat in 2007 to begin writing and recording for VALOR. Pete has been screaming Bloody Murder ever since.




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