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Dual Cameras on a Smartphone Can Completely Revolutionize Smartphone Imaging

Dual Cameras over a phone are coming. And they're really good. HTC's upcoming flagship, codenamed M8 is also rumoured to have a dual-camera smartphone. Corephotonics, an Israeli startup has revealed it's dual camera tech at MWC 2014. Having dual-cameras has numerous advantages apart from capturing in 3D. Corephotonic's prototype has one fixed focus telephoto with a narrow field of view and the other is a normal wide angle. With such two lenses together can dramatically increase photo quality while focusing speed. How To Unlock HTC One M8

How can it work, you ask? Well, the customized software algorithms on the prototype blogs about the images from the cameras,. pixel by pixel. Then it determines which pixel is clearer both in the photos and the clearer you are chosen for your final photo. By this, you obtain the clearest possible photo, the one which can better the 41 MP sensor from the Lumia 1020 whilst being significantly smaller.

The narrow field-of-view camera shoots in grayscale, in order that the resultant image has minimal noise. Don't be concerned, the ultimate photos it's still in full-colour, since the other camera still shoots in colour. However, if your pixel from your Narrow Field-of-vie w sensor is clearer, it is chosen and then coloured using information in the other camera. How To Unlock HTC One M8

All of this occur in real-time, with no discernible lag, which can be as a result of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset underneath doing the hardwork. The Snapdragon 800 was chosen, because Snapdragon's 800 series are the only processors available in the market with two Image Signal Processors, enabling the chipset to obtain information from both the cameras and process them simultaneously.

Due to information from 2 cameras, you can focus a bit without the visible degradation of quality.

Another quirk of experiencing two cameras, is the fact that HDR shots are taken in just one shot, increasing speed significiantly. Other phones need to take 3 different shots with varying exposures which accumulates in time and in addition introduces ghosting when there is a good slight movement.

As a result of having two cameras, acquiring focus lock can be fast and can take as litlle time as 100ms. Using the two different cameras, the software can also be capable of detect depth.

Corephotonics says their imaging tech comes in smartphones as early as this year, since most of the various components happen to be there available in the market, with a few modifications. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 is there in most from the flagships from 2013's 4th quarter and the cameras are simply modified Sony 13 MP cameras.

Corephotonics' tech brings better made inside a slimmer package unlike the Lumia 1020 that features a bulky body. Corephotonics' prototype can be viewed a lot better than the Lumia 1020.


Posted May 29, 2014 at 8:36am