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Undiscovered Country

Edith Keeler Must Die (Descartes Is Dead)


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Metal

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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4 tracks

Members: CDStark-Gonzalez; Michael Yazinsky

Undiscovered Country is a duo (live power trio) that creates alternative thrash folk rock freeform lo and hi-fi sounds and songs. With influences ranging from Nirvana, R.E.M., Meshuggah, Slayer, 10,000 Maniacs and The Smiths and with them being world traveling consultants and musicians, U.C. sounds are wildly varied, yet still are recognized as from the same source.

In January of 2009, Undiscovered Country released "Everything Matters" a demo compilation, lo-fi teaser. As a test, released with zero support except word of mouth and touring, the songs from "Everything Matters"; while being on a number of music websites & podcasts, has garnered over 13,250 downloads and plays and over 475 sales of CDs, songs, ringtones and wallpapers.

According to fan response, the reason for this ground swell is that the listener feels a part of the music. They can hear the honesty, rawness and humanity. This is not some bloated money driven machine; these are compositions crafted with labor, freedom and love.

The future looks bright as Undiscovered Country is releasing its first CD, in stores and on the web, entitled "Edith Keeler Must Die (Descartes Is Dead)". Full promotional support from Damitow Records and a world tour for late 2009 through 2010 will aid "Edith". Another friend of "Edith" will be a promotional short film for the first single "Tarred & Feathered" and a 2nd digital only release late 2009. Also included in the track listing are the songs: "Authority Column Salute," "Indian Woman's Song" and the metalized cover of the wonderful 10,000 Maniacs song "Eat For Two."

Undiscovered Country is the supersonic renderings of CDStark (formerly: Asmodeus Punk), a gentlemanly guitarist, vocalist, bassist and world traveling hospital coding consultant. He likes cats, dungeons & dragons, inner turmoil and hockey. Subversive, mondegreens, soramimi lyrics come from these topics and more.
The dashing Mike Yazinsky (also: Michael Yazinsky Orchestra) plays drums, percussion, acoustic guitar and backing vox. He is a world traveling computer programmer and painter. He enjoys comic books, interesting conversation, Indian Jones and long lazy days.

The mission behind Undiscovered Country is to (re)discover new & old forms of sound based purely on artistic satisfaction and emotional connection; free from financial desires or other distractions from creating art. Undiscovered Country brings a wide varied influences, exposure and playing with musicians from Omsk to Dubai to Denmark, back to New York City.