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Our new show has been made possible by a proxy site used to unblock youtube!

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The way this all came about was at school. One day Mikey was hella bored and wanted to show some of our classmates the new music video we just shot. He found this site that was called the best unblock youtube website we were obviously intrigued, so we clicked on it. After learning and reading for a few minutes we figured out there actually was an easy way to unblock youtube on the school computers. I guess the technical term for a service like this was a proxy. So knowing this information, we much more confidently searched for unblock youtube quickly. We were not surprised to find a ton of proxy sites out there. When we started visiting them all, we found that some were already blocked. However we just kept going down the list. There was so many of them that the school admnistration had blocked, we were starting to lose hope. There was 5 left. Then there were 2 left. The very last one was this site called UnblockTunnel. To our surpise, that one actually wasnt blocked. However we knew it was more than likely a matter of time before it was. But who cares. We went on youtube and showed this guy who wasnt really taking us seriously our new video. After he saw us all as a band you can tell he saw us much more differently. The next day he told us he went back and watched out videos and shared them on facebook. His parents blocked youtube at home, but with the same site we used he was able to get on!  So all in all we hit up the owners of the site and told them how happy we were. You click here to check them out more. They are great guys who appreciate so gold old fashion rock music! This just goes to show how sometimes out of boredom some really good things are made. So dont stop want you are doing. You might just be around the corner from something great and not even know it. Rock on!


Posted Nov 27, 2015 at 3:03pm