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  • XxXcookiepieXxX said:
    May 24
  • Cali said:
    Yall are amazing!(: May 20
  • Kathy . said:
    :3 May 16
  • cristian said:
    fags May 16
  • invisablevampire123 said:
    hahaha you guys are awesome ^-^ love your sound! May 06
  • Arianna Delira said:
    Make me wanna dance :D May 03
  • Tyler said:
    I remember last year around November I used to always listen to you guys, then I lost internet for a while and then I forgot about you guys and then I come back and all your music is gone.. WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?!?! i loved your other songs like Let You Go, and Someone Mar 25
  • Nat said:
    holy shit you guys are amazing! Mar 25
  • Pablo Ramirez Producer said:
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  • Tonnayyiee AKA "The Squirrell!" said:
    your bieber cover is just pure LOVE and i'm a bieber fan! i literally have bieber fever but i prefer you guys Mar 23
  • Brittany said:
    ewww noo Mar 22
  • jennifer said:
    haha from livonia :) this shitt is good :) Mar 22
  • AlyCakezz said:
    I enjoy your music! Very well done covers. =] Mar 22
  • Jannaya said:
    Pure. Awesome. Cover. Mar 21
  • Ronnyson said:
    I Like It. Listen My Band http://www.purevolume.com/hexo Mar 20
  • Bre said:
    sweet shitttt ;) Mar 20
  • d.Rf * said:
    niceeee :) !! (L) Mar 20
  • electricxstar said:
    hahaha u guys pwned jb xD I LOVE IT Mar 20
  • Kiki Liu said:
    omg you people are from michigann! Mar 19
  • Nikki said:
    Hey! I found this awesome new band that everyone should check out! They sound like All Time Low, Go Radio, and Mayday Parade. http://www.purevolume.com/theradiodriveby Mar 19