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  • pinklovesrock said:
    You are amazing. I love all of your songs! :) So much talent Aug 11
  • Nikole(: said:
    I absolutely love you guys(: Aug 10
  • Emoisnotevil said:
    Darrr!!! Thanks guys jamming to this cover of best song ever! I love you! there I told you! Aug 06
  • AnnySweety said:
    It's the first time when I liked all the songs from the album!! Well done! Jul 23
  • Matt Dubs said:
    amazing covers ! Jul 07
  • Shelby Marie said:
    I'm in love with your voices and music. Is there any way possible to do a show in Phoenix? Apr 28
  • Ester Marie Doysabas said:
    just saw you at random and now i'm a fan. :) Apr 18
  • Manuel Rodriguez said:
    u sould try with a lady gaga cover maybe The edge of glory.. ur voice is just amazing rajiv Apr 16
  • Manuel Rodriguez said:
    you're just an amazing band.. i say hi from venezuela! you rock guys... Apr 15
  • Ribbit TV said:
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  • Alyssa Samitha said:
    hey gorgeous :) listen and download this awesome song >>> www.purevolume.com/rndz thx Mar 18
  • Concave Patterns said:
    Do you guys have a full version of the 'die young' Ke$ha cover? I loooove that part of your 2012 mash-up song! Mar 06
  • Mightyjoejon said:
    Just posted my new 3 song acoustic Ep!!! Come check it out fans of Rock/Pop-Punk! http://www.purevolume.com/Drowninginyourwake Feb 19
  • Jamie Ann said:
    :) Feb 16
  • ShelbyLeigh said:
    I love you guys so much! Would you ever consider doing a cover of Run by Snow Patrol? I would love to hear it!! Feb 13
  • Jake Toscano said:
    Hi! If you like acoustic alternative music and artists like Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Ben Howard, and want to hear something new, check out The Overnighters at www.purevolume.com/TheOvernighters Feb 10
  • Keyanna said:
    I love you guys so much :) Feb 02
  • Noa said:
    I remember when there were only like 4 covers.. and I wanted you to add more so bad.. Lately you added so many good covers, and I like them all very much! Keep doing this ! ;) Jan 21
  • Timothy Upai Lindris said:
    Love your covers! Cheers from Malaysia. Jan 18
  • Zuri said:
    Your covers sound exactly the same. Where's the talent in that? Jan 12