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  • Timothy Upai Lindris said:
    Love your covers! Cheers from Malaysia. Jan 18
  • Zuri said:
    Your covers sound exactly the same. Where's the talent in that? Jan 12
  • RBRT said:
    How about some 70s and 80s Tunes Friends ,Rbrtjr Jan 11
  • Stacie Hiyo said:
    you guys are really drop dead attractive and your voices are freaking amazing. I think like you guys should try doing a sleeping with sirens cover. I think that you guys will make one of they songs fit perfectly with you guys, plus it would be something different from the rest of the songs you guys did; just my suggestion :D but I love your voices! Jan 04
  • Ravynator said:
    You guys are great, and also very attractive. c: Jan 01
  • Snuggleblade said:
    Free Snuggleblade Song Downloads @ purevolume.com/snuggleblade and reverbnation.com/snuggleblade. Also, be sure to "like" Snuggleblade on Facebook! Dec 22
  • eira swaagy said:
    wow!! i love it!!! Dec 16
  • MeredithRianne said:
    love you t swift cover! so good :) Dec 08
  • regine said:
    love all your covers..... :) Dec 08
  • ari cpowl said:
    check them..their new song "MASIH" are available to download: www.purevolume.com/ngmofficial Nov 30
  • Mickey said:
    Your covers are perfection. Nov 29
  • Kayla Michal said:
    i love you guys Nov 12
  • Teriyakhi said:
    I've seen you guys on opening act. Awesome! :D Nov 09
  • BeccaLisa said:
    Got goosebumps! Your so amazing ♥ Nov 06
  • Katie-Lynn Brooks said:
    Oh my, your voice, I'm speechless. Sep 24
  • Jackie said:
    i just fell in love with you guys, just thought i would let you know =] Sep 13
  • Mickey said:
    You guys are so talented Sep 11
  • Ana Lucia C. said:
    Just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ♥ Aug 10
  • Nikkirai11 said:
    you guys are amazing hope you go far! Good Luck and God Bless! PS your "Bad" Cover is legit! Aug 03
  • Rachellllll♥ said:
    excuse me while i love your band forever ;) Jul 24