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True Witness


Genres: Metal / Rock

Location: Chicago, IL

Stats: 0 fans / 8 plays / 2 plays today






In the beginning blackness of silence there was nothing. With a mighty roar and in an instant flash of light, True Witness was born as the alpha and omega result of what can be described as the big band theory.

Founding members Randy Gonet (Guitar) and Tom Miller (Drums) placed an ad in the Illinois Entertainer looking for a singer. Only 8 hours after placing the ad Allen James (Vocals) called Randy and said, "I just saw your ad, Let's get together and talk". Oddly enough, he was the only person to ever respond to the ad. To further convince the band that it was meant to be, the original 3 who are the core of the True Witness movement lived only 5 minutes away from each other... Over the past few years True Witness locked themselves in their studio and wrote/recorded almost 2 CD's worth of material. The summer of 2009 brought into the fold Brian Gordon (Bass) to complete the band's lineup. It is now time to share the message with the world.

The music is an unpredictable marriage of lush heavy grooves and sweeping melodies, combined with catchy vocal hooks that soar to deliver an overwhelming sense of hope and inspiration. The power of True Witness is in their songs. This is the culmination of each member spending at least 20 years honing their respective art. True Witness hopes this represents the beginning of a journey together with our listening friends, just as so many legendary rock bands that paved the way before.