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Parkour Tutorial Sites - The very best Sites to find out Parkour

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Before Starting - Tricking tips

There are many what exactly you need to be aware of. One of them isn't that all parkour sites are equal. Many of them possess some BS on them. Parkour is now popular so folks are posting stupid tutorials, so you must be mindful of what is good material and what is bad.

But here I will provide you with a list of good parkour tutorial sites, in addition to how you can identify scam sites.

What's Happening

Parkour originated in France, and also the person responsible for bringing popularity to parkour is David Belle. Parkour started popularizing in the united states around 2002, and ever since then an outburst of people have been embracing it.

You might be walking across the street to see someone running past your, vaulting over benches, accumulating and walls and disappearing. And you're left to yourself thinking "Whoa! I would like to discover!"

Identifying Legit Parkour Sites

Like I said earlier. There plenty of scam sites available. A lot of them are by kids just posting tutorial videos on the internet seeking views, and perhaps make some money from the advertising.

I am not proclaiming that some kids have no idea what they are talking about. But I'm telling you, that you must be smart about who you pay attention to.

Fore example, you will find some videos of 10 year old kids teaching you the proper landing and also the proper roll technique. Then they will highlight the technique and say that should you choose it simply like them, that you will be able to safely jump off a ten foot building.

You may not wish to listen to some kid jumping off a bench telling you jump off a ten foot building? I didn't think so.

Also parkour moves take time and effort to describe. So any site which you visit, ensure they've got videos. Parkour training videos really are a must. It really is much easier to learn from videos than from the text instruction. At least in parkour.

Parkour Instructional Videos

Wonderful that said, there are numerous parkour tutorial websites that offer instruction. The following are my personal favorites which i turn to once i require assistance learning new moves.

 Tapp Brothers
 Laflair Parkour - Tricking tips


Posted Jan 20, 2015 at 7:50am