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Transparent Things

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Genres: Indie / Acoustic

Location: Altoona, PA

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4 tracks

Members: Krystal Shore

Two Birds. One Stone. is now available on iTunes! Click HERE or click the CD art to download your copy today!

Want YOUR idea to be developed into a song?!? Enter the Penny For Your Thoughts CONTEST and it might just happen!! For details on how to enter and what you can win click HERE!

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We are Transparent Things. We are ALL Transparent Things.

For the past 3 years I was in the pop-rock band Acalasia. A few months ago I started writing piano and acoustic songs that I really liked...but weren't Acalasia. So instead of keeping them all to myself, I decided to share them with all of you.

Hope you like them. I do. Because there will be plenty more to come. Plenty.


  • bobby said:
    Cover this Neil young song.. "Motion Pictures" Motion pictures on my TV screen, A home away from home, livin' in between But I hear some people have got their dream. I've got mine. I hear the mountains are doin' fine, Mornin' glory is on the vine, And the dew is fallin', the ducks are callin'. Yes, I've got mine. Well, all those people, they think they got it made But I wouldn't buy, sell, borrow or trade Anything I have to be like one of them. I'd rather start all over again. Well, all those headlines, they just bore me now I'm deep inside myself, but I'll get out somehow, And I'll stand before you, and I'll bring a smile to your eyes. Motion pictures, motion pictures. Jul 04
  • Clara said:
    You're really pretty! and you're voice is gorgeous! Mar 06
  • charley said:
    I LOVE YOU!! for real tho!i like really like ur stuff!took me like a second to decide! x Mar 05
  • Leighton said:
    you have such an amazing voice !!!! ^.^ Mar 05
  • ItsAspenEmm said:
    You're sooo, sooo good. I Mar 04
  • Ashley said:
    is it okay if i make you a vocalist role model? thanks. :D Mar 02
  • ♥-Case_ said:
    your voice is just WOW. :O amazing. Mar 01
  • Supnikkie said:
    I adore you!! Mar 01
  • Kris said:
    Hi your music and voice finds its way into my soul, thanks very much :D Mar 01
  • Hannah.Bee said:
    It can be tomorrow any time now :)))) Feb 28
  • jenn88 said:
    I can't wait until tomorrow! I love you songs! Feb 28
  • Lauren Setnicky said:
    i just fell in love with your voice, omg. PLEASE make some other songs downloadable!!!! :] Feb 28
  • Mima said:
    make your other songs downloadable :)) Feb 28
  • michaela barry said:
    You have one of the most gorgeous voices I have ever heard. Is there anywhere I can download your music? It is BEAUTIFUL! Feb 27
  • Lainie said:
    please put penny for your thoughts on itunes!!! Feb 23


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