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Todd Mihan & Downside Joyride


Genres: Rock / Country

Location: Hyde Park , New York, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Todd Mihan - Lead Vocals , Lead Guitar , Songwriting /// Michael Morrison - Rhythm Guitars /// Steve Orlik - Bass , Backing Vocals /// Chris Trainor - Drums

Todd Mihan and Downside Joyride is a rock band with a country twist, formed in upstate New York in 2008. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Bon Jovi and Kid Rock.

In July of 2010 Todd Mihan and Downside Joyride released their debut album "Long Way Home". The record features 11 tracks written and recorded by Todd Mihan at his studio in Hyde Park, New York. The four piece band has been enjoying positive crowd reactions with songs that appeal to the listener in both quiet acoustic and full band electric settings."Long Way Home" is currently for sale online and at performances around the tri-state area.

Downside Joyride was born when musician Todd Mihan found himself between projects. His passion for writing led to the creation of 30 plus songs between 2007 and 2009. When he decided to assemble a band to perform the new music, Todd invited musicians Chris Trainor-drums , Mike Morrison-guitar , and Steve Orlik-bass to climb on board. Together they deliver songs that hook you from the gate and leave you wanting more. The album's dramatic title track "Long Way Home" received honorable mention in Billboard's 16th annual World Song Contest. "Hang in there honey , help is on the way ...don't leave me here alone , try to stay awake...hold on to my hand , I won't let you go ...wish we'd taken the long way home" Todd sings about a fatal motorcycle crash he witnessed one Sunday afternoon.

Todd's guitar playing is featured on Tommy Lee's new record " A Public Disservice Announcement" released on September 21st 2010. He won an Ernie Ball Music Man guitar in October of 2009 when he was the first ever submission to interactive recording website ThePublicRecord.com. He has shared the stage with Motley Crue , Gin Blossoms , Ronnie Montrose , Twisted Sister , Jefferson Starship , Jackyl , SR71 , Ratt , Kings X , and many more. Todd is not only responsible for writing, recording the music ,he also designed/maintains the band's websites ToddMihan.com and DownsideJoyride.com.

Todd Mihan and Downside Joyride's debut record "Long Way Home" is now available on iTunes , Amazon , and CD Baby.

Here's what some people are saying about Todd Mihan and Downside Joyride....

"Todd Mihan & Downside Joyride have all the ingredients that, in my humble opinion, are necessary in order to stand out from the endless competition out there....great playing, vocals, recording/production, killer guitar tones & most of all solid songs - especially the title track Long Way Home. A really strong debut CD from a band that I hope gets the attention they truly deserve."

- John Platania (Guitarist for Van Morrison)

"Opening with “Taking Back My Heart,” big guitar riff starts this CD out rocking. Soon slide guitar prods a yearning vocal as Mihan shows his hand in “Cards.” “Under My Skin” veers towards sinister, while “Whiskey Thunder” is quiet and introspective, as he sings “three sheets can’t keep you warm no more.”“Dead” is a straight-ahead riff-driven rocker, but these days, that’s what passes for country music, so he might find a home there as well. In “GNN,” he shows of his considerable guitar skills — flashy, yet not self-indulgent. The poignant “Long Way Home” shows Mihan at his emotional finest.Downside Joyride is a fine young band relying on substance over smoke and mirrors. It’s about time."

- David Malachowski ( Kingston Daily Freeman )

"Singing. Songwriting. Guitar Playing. Unique talents that most of us lack. Few of us get one of these gifts. Todd Mihan has been blessed with all three. Rarely have I met someone who excels in each. Todd is just that person. His ability to put his thoughts to music is second to none. He then communicates those thoughts with his soulful honest voice, and phenomenal fretwork. Downside Joyride is certainly a band on the rise, and Todd will lead them to great heights."

-Tom Lanahan (KMC Music - Ovation Guitars)

"Downside Joyride is gonna make you remember why we love blues/rock music all...over...again!!"

- Indie Music Lounge



Long Way Home

Jul 04, 2010

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