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Threads Of Scarlet


Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: Manhattan, NY

Stats: 1 fans / 16 plays / 6 plays today






Threads of Scarlet is a rising rock/alternative band comprised of leads Nicholas Ward and Jesse Foster, bassist Mark Glinka, drummer Stu Damm and John Roett on keys.


Threads of Scarlet is the leading rock/alternative band from Barbados/USA. Featuring singers/songwriters/guitarists Nick Ward and Jesse Foster, drummer Stu Damm, and bassist Mark Glinka.

Nick and Jesse are childhood friends and although their personalities are poles apart, musically they share a unique and magnetic space. They spent their early years in Barbados, and were both introduced to theguitar before age ten. Nick quickly grew into his instrument, but was never satisfied with constantly playing covers. Throughout his years at school between Barbados and Canada, he kept close to the music by constantly writing, and played in the groups “Substance” and “JNJ” when in Barbados, and “Cranberry Green” in Canada.

Jesse’s musical journey saw him spending hours learning complex techniques on the electric guitar and numerous drills on his acoustic, determined to master both styles. He dedicated all of his time to his guitars, and for Jesse it has always been “music or nothing.”

Nick and Jesse began to perform on the local music circuit as an acoustic duo. Then one day, armed with loads of ambition, they went to New York in search of opportunity. Their talents were quickly recognized, and they were signed to a label, spending several months recording 11 tracks. However, as is so often the case, expectations were not realized, and things fell through. Fortunately, this unpleasant disappointment made them stronger, and provided additional inspiration for them to write even more.

Nick and Jesse met Stu and Mark during their time in New York and the chemistry between them was instant, the paths they had taken, very similar.

Stu is from New York and began drum lessons at 8. He went on to major in music at the University of Colorado, where he met with his first band, Steak, recording and touring nationally for several years, and having two of their songs selected to be included on the soundtrack for the motion picture release of “Super Troopers”. Stu eventually left the band and went on to perform at countless US venues including the legendary Bleeker Street in NYC and the Warped Tour, quickly becoming one of the foremost percussionists on the exclusive NYC club scene.

Cleveland, Ohio is Mark's home, and he started playing bass at age 14. Mark has performed with Columbus bands “Far From Grace”, “Montage” and “Sophomore Year”. He has a large and in-depth knowledge of the music that has come to define rock, and his own unique style of playing helps to define the sound of the band.

On returning to Barbados, the band connected with Anthony Lowhar and John Roett of Commercial Music Inc., and entered into a recording/production deal that promises to fulfill their immense potential.




Sep 04, 2011