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The Young Veins


Genres: Indie / Acoustic

Location: Topanga, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Ryan Ross, Jon Walker, Nick Murray, Andy Soukal, Nick White

The Young Veins' debut album, Take a Vacation!, played with both intellect and ambition - is a band that knows exactly who they are and where they are going. As 23 year old frontman, Ryan Ross, re-imagines 60's pop, tropicalia, old New York girl groups and fuzzed-out psychedelia to Nuggets-era garage rock and Stax-inspired soul, you will hear a band that is mature beyond its years and truly excited by the craft of songwriting- uncovering what came before and anxious to see what's ahead. Take a Vacation! is both rousing and refined, boisterous and sophisticated, hard-hitting and full of heart. The album is a marriage of passion and perfectionism and through all of their songs ribbons a delight in melody. Take a Vacation! illustrates all that is special about Ross and Walker, gathering all their influences to create something truly exceptional.

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  • mskillerkate said:
    I seriously cried when Ryan Ross left Panic at the Disco. When i found out he formed a new band, I knew that all hope was NOT lost! Keep up the good work! :) Dec 28
  • Mackie said:
    Any chance you'll play Agoura Hills Canyon Club again? Love itttt(: Nov 02
  • madmarv said:
    I love this band Jul 26
  • kyle said:
    supporters of local bands: if you're interested in quality videos of local bands from across the country, check out www.purevolume.com/boomboxmonkey and follow the links to a virtual underground hangout Jul 19
  • my1turn1now said:
    dude these guys are the best thing to happen to the music scene in my opinion. they did a hella awesome job with P!@TD and the whole indie/oldies sound is so different. its a no brainer why you guys are my idols Jul 19
  • sophidelaney said:
    i really love your music !!!!! keep it up Jul 15
  • Darcie said:
    i love everything about your music, Im now a dedicated fan Jul 12
  • ब्रेअथ्लेस्स अण्ड चोवेरेद इन ब्लूद said:
    ahhhh!! First time I hear you and now I'm an addict, I listen to you everywhere even my attic, dance dance dance with the lights on or off I'n in a trance trance trance your music makes me forget my cough :DD Jul 11
  • JulieMonsterFace. said:
    you guys are so amazing. i'm so in love with Change. Jul 08
  • amysaurus☮ said:
    i love you guys!! ^.^ even though i miss you's from p!atd.. :( ♥♥ Jul 06
  • themostclevername said:
    hell yah =D love Them Jul 05
  • NeheM!@H said:
    noooooo waaaaaay!!!!!!!! I've been looking for a good ole 60's rockn'roll band for ages! Finally a band that fits the bill perfectly! hooray for 60's throwback. XD Jul 04
  • Tayroarrr :D said:
    Jun 02
  • cwoodeatakitty said:
    I saw you guys on the 23rd of April, and I just pre-ordered the CD yesterday. :D Verrry excited. :3 May 07
  • Mai said:
    ♥love you guys♥ Feb 26

Take A Vacation!

Jun 08, 2010

Beverley James

Seoul, South Korea


Cavite, Philippines


Ransomville, NY

Emilie Kamieniecki

Mount Clemens, MI


United States



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