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The Rose Marie

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Genres: Acoustic / Rock / Comedy

Location: Iowa City, IA

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4 tracks

Members: Hammer and Aaron

The Rose Marie was formed in the year twenty oh six at the University of Iowa. This is a story about a squire and his knight, where Aaron was Don Quixote and Hammer was Sancho Panza. As years passed, they got around town and ran the bases. These songs were creating in apartments, dorm rooms, and stairwells. These are our diaries...

Captain's Log: Jeremiah Johnson was friend of mine. This is our tribute to the man, the legend, and the beard that is Robert Redford. Recorded one drunken night in a blizzard, it tells the story of one man's quest for survival in the Rockies. His trials and tribulations are the stuff of legends and myth. It is a song of expression, perseverance, hardship, and love. Enjoy and share in the experience. Preserve the legend. Let his beard touch you.

Captain's Log: It was a sweltering weekend in the hot Tijuana desert, and the boys had been travelin' hard. They sought refuge in the villa outside of the city. There were many red lights, yet the intrepid adventurers were not deterred. They met a woman. She smelled of tequila and roses, and tasted like warm buttermilk. The locals called her "La Tigre de las Montanas," but we knew her as...Maria.......let the moonlight shine and her anthem be played to awaken the essence of Maria.

Captain's Log: The boys were traveling through the swamps of manhood. The were approached by a traveling condom salesman. He was weary and broken. He had only his product and his words to tell his tales. He offered the boys a deal. If the boys could make some sort of advertisement for his product, he would allow them safe passage to the city of gold...in the swamp. What they produced changed millions of lives around the globe. It was a commercial, but it was also a humanitarian effort of the ages. So use a condom...

Captain's Log: The boys found Jeffrey, washed ashore naked at the Cape Horn of South America. He was delirious, and had been drinking salt water for seven weeks during his ride on the back of a macaroni penguin. He told us why he was naked, and why he had traveled from bottom of the world. His tales of conquest in Asia, Africa, Asia Minor, Missouri, and finally Antarctica. He told of a great beauty, whose name he could not remember. He was taken in by their tribe, and learned the ways of the winter people. This is his tale, told by him, to the Congress of the Empire. Listen, and be not afraid.

Captain's Log: As the boys made their way back to their local village, they stopped for a refreshment along the Iowa River. As they drank for the sacred waters, a blind man on a canoe approached the travelers and asked them to pay tribute for their sins. When the boys refused to pay such tribute for the use of Earth's natural waters, the blind man told a story of a local legend who's sins had brought him far in life but were met with the curse of turning his women into beasts. The story goes that there was once a man. He was know to some as "The Son of Alan" and to others he was simply a shadow, a person from the unknown. He got around town and ran the bases. His lustful captivation turned his prey into wild beasts and brought forth the essence of the natural lure of the female being. Some would bite like tigers while others would sing like bees. He was a hero to some and a mistake to many. He was the shadow, the Son of Alan, the captivator of Iowa City. After the story was told, the boys payed the man for the entertainment but not for their sin. As they headed home for a night of plunder, they began to turn into wild beasts. They had been cursed and the full moon began to rise. They became one with the Son of Alan

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Be Aware: We use naughty language and explicit lyrics in our songs. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: On a serious note, we have nothing against the Crow or Blackfeet. They were the bad guys in the movie, that is all. So from Jeremiah's perspective, they were the enemy.
Don't know the movie? Check this out:


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    Awesome music guys XD keep it up Nov 09
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    hey maria hey xD! Nov 04
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