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The J Duo



Genres: Acoustic / Rock

Location: Middletown, NJ

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4 tracks

Members: Jack Russell, John Sheehy

Hi. We are The J Duo comprised of Jack Russell and John Sheehy. We started working together as a band in July 2010. We write all of our music, and we hope you like it. A new song will be added every few week so check back for the next free download.

We are Done with our Second Album Down Paradise Way, due Febuary 20 2011. We have released Atlantic City, I'll Get On OK, Be There For You, and Ghost of The Indigo as Promo Singles before the actual album comes out in Late February . Enjoy.

Right Now, We are playing some shows and are gonna be releasing more singles in the future.
List of Singles that are going to be released in the near future

April 15- Hillside/Thinking About You (Single)
April 26 - Merry Go Round (Single)
May 10th - Magic Paintings (Single)

So far the tracklist for our third album is this

1. Misery
2. Hillside
3. Thinking About You
4. Merry Go Round
5. Out of Luck
6. Sick and Dry
7. Plastic Cup
8. Magic Paintings (THE SINGLE RELEASE DATE IS 5/10/11)

We are obviously still recording tracks for the new album which should be out in Fall 2011

Last but not least, make sure to check us out May 20th and May 21st at the Middletown Arts Center Talent Showcase. Admission is 5$ at 7:30 both nights.
Dont Forget to Download All of our songs and leave feedback on our facebook page and in the comments section here. thanks.


  • merbethmango said:
    I love the new songs, guys! :) May 03
  • merbethmango said:
    they ( all of the songs) arereally good ! One of my favorites is: Don't Know What To Do (No More) Nov 20
  • johnsheehy said:
    Download all the songs. Oct 08