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The Interstellar Elevators

http://jacradio.com.au/jacplayer.html Wed at 7pm!


Genres: Hip Hop / Funk / Jazz

Location: Weston, CT

Stats: 76 fans / 1,980 plays / 0 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Billy Rodriguez-Lopez: Vocals/Guitar/Turntable/Keyboard, Campbell McClintock: Guitar/Keyboards/Saxophone, Andrew DeNicola: Saxophone/Flute, Vincent Simboli: Keyboard/Percussion, Jake Strauss: Bass, Stefan Rehr: Drums

--Copyright Billy Richling 2010--


  • Ezekiel said:
    great Jan 15
  • Yusrian Taufan said:
    Check out this band, you'll like it! http://www.purevolume.com/MerahMaroonBand thank's Apr 12
  • janeees said:
    music with groove! awesomeness :) Dec 27
  • Emily said:
    i love it, very catchy:) Aug 19
  • JJKJE said:
    Check out http://purevolume.com/sincethepromise when you get a chance. It may be a different style of music and has no experience in recording but its worth a shot! Jul 19
  • Megan Fulks said:
    freaking great. Jul 08
  • NicoleMuttaFukka said:
    For pathetic high school kids you music is not awful:) Apr 05
  • Rock_N_Roll_A_Bye_Momma said:
    I think you should sound a little more angsty in some parts of your songs. But other than that cool beans. Check out my friends Upper Class '89. Apr 04
  • Legzall said:
    coooool Mar 07
  • said:
    I do like this, its pretty awesome. if you want an honest opinion, well you really don't have a choice, cause your reading this right now. the vocalist should have a little more tension (anger almost, think less extreme Zac De La Rocha from R.A.T.M.) in his voice. for me thats what would bring it together even more for me. keep it up I look forward to listening in the future. I dig it alot. Feb 27
  • TJ aka The King said:
    For some reason I want to long board to this music. It isn't my normal style but I like it. Feb 19
  • xD jeraldine :x said:
    amazing o.O Feb 17
  • xD jeraldine :x said:
    Peru is my country o.O O.o Feb 14
  • ovhie said:
    it's cool :) Feb 13
  • GonzI said:
    lol, you are guys are pretty cool :3 Feb 12

Paper on Plastic - EP

Sep 10, 2011

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El Reno, OK

Ryan Powell

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