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The Infinite Imperfections


Genres: Other / Indie

Location: Arlington, TX

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4 tracks

Hello, my name is Chance Cottle and I like creating music. It's one of my therapeutic outlets. I mostly play experimental/blues/shitz & giggles/groove/noise/acoustic type of stuff. Right now I play solo the majority of the time. Sometimes I'm able to get together with some friends and jam though. Every track that I post is sheerly rough draft work in progress material since I only have a mini-portable tape player to record with and minimal equipment. So everything is pretty lo-fi for right now, but I'm trying to make the most out of what I have available. I plan on taking this farther in the future, because I have a strong passion/itch for making music. Till then... (btw it's better to listen to my music through big headphones).