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The Good Life

Hey! you don't say that!


Genres: Alternative / Experimental

Location: Cape May, NJ

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Spending time in a party town like Cape May, NJ leads people to need some time to sit back, relax, and record there own versions of songs mutually loved. When the oldies but goodies go to bed and the vacationing families roll out of town we are left with ourselves in a big room with a couple of musical instruments (or play toys as some prefer) and our angelic voices of youth. As the summer continues we have no qualms in beating pokemon for the 100th time or sitting back to enjoy some stirring crime drama. oh and we might make some music here and there along the way, some original and many tributary. if you happen upon our page enjoy if you are interested, if not so be it (I think the one kid sounds like a complete douche).

ps. Cape May is kinda boring, so our imaginations run wild, especially late at night typing up a billboards for made up bands.

oh, and we just wanted to remind everyone to be safe and always remember you are in fact naked underneath your clothing so prepare according


  • Ryan said:
    i apologize for the following comment Jul 04
  • Ryan said:
    i prepare for being naked under my clothing by wearing two condoms at all time! the catch is they are worn not in the right spots. i leave it to your imaginations to go from there! oh and the songs make me have to wear a third condom Jul 04

That Golden Age - EP

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