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Cameron Burnette & The Ghost Ballerinas

They have been called modern-day troubadours.


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Acoustic

Location: Smyrna, TN

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The Ghost Ballerinas is a music project created by Cameron Burnette when he was 16 years old, together with his first drummer, Greg Gibson. A few years later, Cameron teamed up with Elympic Entertainment Records and in September, 2010, released his debut EP album entitled, "Halfway There". The album features incredible performances by drummer Ken Coomer (WILCO / Uncle Tupelo), bassist James "Hags" Haggerty (Josh Rouse) and guitarist Evan Weatherford.

In April, 2012, Elympic Entertainment Records released the project's 11-song sophomore album, "Play Me on the Radio" which features well-known Nashville songwriter and musician Philip Russell who co-wrote and performed backing vocals and electric guitar on Track #8. The album also features incredible performances by former band members AJ Vanderpool on drums and Justin Berry on bass. Adding to the music is backing vocalist Ezra Cataldo from the band Rickety Shack, Amelia Presley - a distant cousin to the "King of Rock and Roll" and lastly - lots of family and friends who sang on the crowd parts.

The album cover was created by Tim Sharp, an autistic Australian artist and creator of the super hero character Laser Beak Man. Song #1 on the album is a tribute to Laser Beak Man and his "friend named Tim". Nine of Tim's painting titles are woven through the lyrics.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, the project hosted a number of musicians and is once again a solo project. Cameron Burnette will spend much of 2013 in Europe, writing and performing in Germany and The Netherlands.


Cameron Burnette has been called a 'modern day troubadour'. His band The Ghost Ballerinas, makes an incredibly bold statement with the 11-song sophomore album, "Play Me On The Radio".

Like Tennessee whiskey that's hidden away year after year and blended ever-so-slowly by time and patience, the flavor of The Ghost Ballerinas' music comes from years they spent scribbling song lyrics into old school notebooks and from the countless nights they made raw noise come from of old cheap amplifiers. Back then they fell in love with Radio Head, Nirvana, The Beatles, Lead Belly, Johnny Cash, The Raconteurs, The Black Keys, White Stripes, Del McCoury, Stone Temple Pilots and Foo Fighters. They were inspired by The Avett Brothers, ZZ Top, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Kings of Leon and Mumford and Sons.

They're not as polished as the best Scotch, but who the heck from Tennessee drinks Scotch, anyway?

So for those of you who have all been wondering what time and patience will do to a few teenage musicians with old school notebooks full of bad grades and lyrics, pull up a seat, turn it up and a get a taste of some flavor made right here in Nashville. Some of the songs were written in a day - others they started when they were fifteen years old. They've been waiting a long time to share them with you.

Just like a mason jar, they don't have a fancy label but they got the best fans, friends, and supporters in the world. They especially thank their family who bought their first guitar and drum set. To them, family is more important than fame, money or a label. They believe music's a lot like Tennessee whiskey - you're not suppose to keep it all for yourself. So here they are. We hope you enjoy and if you like how they make it down here in Tennessee, spread the word, but don't tell anybody where you got it from.


* * * * *

"PLAY ME ON THE RADIO" Album (Released April, 2012 on Elympic Records)

1. Laser Beak Man (3.37 min)
2. Amsterdam (2:56 min)
3. O.D. on Happiness (2:35 min)
4. Queen Arthur II (2:22 min)
5. Siberian Librarian (3:23 min)
6. Arsonist With Humor (3:25 min)
7. Play Me On The Radio (3:20 min)
8. She Don't Want Me Around (3:31 min)
9. Share Your Drug With Me (5:13 min)
10. When I'm Gone (3:46 min)
11. Jonestown (2:42 min)

Album Musicians:

Cameron Burnette - Vocals / Guitars
Phillip Russel - Track #8 Electric Guitar & Backing Vocals
AJ Vanderpool - Drums (Former Band Member)
Justin Berry - Bass (Former Band Member)
Ezra Caltaldo (Rickety Shack) - Backing Vocals
Amelia Presley - Backing Vocals

* * * * *

"HALFWAY THERE" EP Album (Released September, 2010 on Elympic Records)

1. Mr. LetsGetASnack (2:20 min)
2. Shiny Things That Fly (2:44 min)
3. I Am What I Am (2:53 min)
4. Queen Arthur (2:48 min)
5. White Willow (3:04 min)
6. Never Say Enough (3:21 min)
7. BONUS: Ghastly Crew of Three (feat. Mike Brassell) (2:26 min)

Album Musicians:

Cameron Burnette - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Ken Coomer (WILCO & Uncle Tupelo) - Drums
James "Hags" Haggerty (Josh Rouse) - Bass Guitar
Evan Weatherford - Electric Guitar



Play Me on the Radio

Apr 01, 2013

Halfway There EP

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