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The Forerunner

New Album Being Released Within Hours!!!!!


Genres: Hardcore / Metalcore / Christian

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Stats: 43 fans / 1,804 plays / 18 plays today





4 tracks

Members: John |Vocals|, Austin |Guitar/Vocals|, Adan |Drums|, Juan |Guitar/Vocals|, Jake |Bass||

Hey everyone, Were a band from Las Vegas, Dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ... It's because of Him that we write music and play shows. Thanks for checking us out, enjoy the music and shoot us a comment :)
-The Forerunner

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  • GDC said:
    By His Blood! Awe I'm just listening for the first time! Now I'll stream the rest, i need a physical copy of cd, tee, & poster! Jul 05
  • sabaksumbadakam said:
    christian bands are so extreme at making real music! God Bless you guys! keep up the awesome work! Mar 22
  • TanaRiccardi. said:
    Blood On Our Hands, woooahh so gooood :) cant stop listening to it! Nov 29
  • LSM said:
    Hi this is CBD, and well, if you look back a post or so you'll see I asked for an interview if my project had grown well enough. Well, I'm hoping you guys are willing to do it. I'll ask general stuff like, "How old where you when you learned to play music." or "How long have you been the quote unquote Christian?" stuff like that. if your interested we can figure out away to get this done, just send me a message back on this account. Thanks, and God Bless Jun 02
  • Giienn Rawwrr said:
    hii guyss.. i love your lyrics. JesusChrist is everything to me. i want to download your music but i dont know where?.. please tell me! God bless Apr 20
  • gabe said:
    :) love your lyrics Apr 16
  • CBD said:
    would you be willing to give me an interview? I am doing something for chruch but it wont be up and running for a very very very long time but i want to know if you would be willing to. Feb 07
  • TanaRiccardi. said:
    love the music guys :) Feb 06
  • keantis said:
    thank you soo much Feb 06
  • keantis said:
    i like i like, give some free downloads please:) Feb 06
  • CBD said:
    i like your guys's sound, the when i first looked at your song titles i thought all you were going to be was complete preachy stuff... which isn't bad just not my kind of thing. Really like the sound though sick vocals by the way Jan 28
  • Nathan...add my facebook :)....http://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php#!/profile.php?id=1338367527 said:
    this is pretty good guys ha :) you guys r musicly inclined ile the wayyou can just slow dow then speed back up...i like the screams an singing ha an the double bass ha its sick keep it up...(make the breakdowns a lil more deeper) :)) Jan 28
  • Cloud said:
    nice sounds Jan 28
  • savedbygrace said:
    Loving the lyrics! Jan 27


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