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The Duskwhales

Wallow in our majesty.


Genres: Indie / Alternative / Jam Band

Location: Fairfax, VA

Stats: 182 fans / 2,356 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Seth Flynn, Chris Baker, Austin Mee, Brian Majewski

The Duskwhales are a "gypsy rock" band from Northern Virginia made up of four hip kids who play good music and eat disgusting amounts of pizza. Over the years, The Duskwhales have performed at a variety of venues including YouthFest 2012, Jammin Java, Empire Nightclub, Epicure Cafe, etc. They recently recorded their first full-length album "Cutpurse" and have plans to become super famous and tour Iceland or other countries. The Duskwhales' style is quite diverse and they are very interested in expanding their talent and getting their music out.

"We are The Duskwhales. Wallow in our majesty."


  • despairingFish42 said:
    the young despairing fish sincerely apologizes for sassing the strokes!!! u guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joe wuz here Apr 11
  • intrachromatic said:
    be manipulated? mission accomplished. major muse, black holes and revelations ; i also (i dare say), beatles? vox "harmony" at least. im just speaking my thoughts so don't judge me. can't quite find queen though..my heart weeps. Feb 01
  • intrachromatic said:
    for all the words i usually say, i will summarize with a simple "yes." Jan 11
  • Luke said:
    Not bad at-all. quite skilled Dec 14
  • Kris, see if you can find me on youtube :o said:
    Excellenttttt :D Aug 18
  • BekahMaddie (: said:
    pretty pretty good y'all Jun 26
  • Emily said:
    Pretty Awsome;) May 04
  • Padur Karil said:
    I'm convinced. May 02
  • Danielaބ said:
    Like itܣ Apr 30
  • Katrina Von S said:
    hahaha! you guys are sick! Apr 30
  • CheLseA GriiN said:
    great job :D im a fan :) awesome now ahahhaha xD Apr 27
  • Sasha said:
    sounds pretty sweet :) Apr 24
  • Sophia Anastasia said:
    I luff eet =D Apr 17
  • SKYLER!! said:
    yahh guyzz i am now your fan, thanks for asking. i am digging it haha. Apr 15
  • Julia said:
    100th fan! Apr 15


Aug 19, 2012

Demos II

Jul 09, 2011

Demos I

Jan 07, 2011

drums (germs)

No release date


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