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The Crazy One



Genres: Rap / Hip Hop / Experimental

Location: Cleveland, OH

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Members: The crazy one-The Sik One-and D-Boy

i am in the process of recording my debut CD.With the help of a few friends and a large brain tumor that has seemed to wake up my soul.I have rededicated my life to music and the persuit of good meaning full lyrical content.I am someone who has listened to rap since I was a kid yet at this point I hesitate to tell people I am a rapper because of all the cleche's that come with that statement.I have no gold teeth .Hate people who JUST talk shit about things they really dont have and I do not just put big words together because they rhyme.Every word that I rhyme and every story I tell is the truth.most rappers work harder on there hook than the lyrical content of the song..I hate that.record companies and bad acts have turned this art form that I love into what disco was to the 70's...a soulless beat driven artform that is based only on record sales and a catchy hook.well I refuse to except or conform to this blasphomy.I am posting a few of my new songs for all to hear.I would love to hear feedback and I will read and respond to all who provide it..So if you feel the same way as me ENJOY..If you were looking for shallow hook driven rhymes I would suggest some LIL wayne or maybe some soulja boy downloads for ya.cause you wont get what you were looking for here...The Crazy One



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