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The Clue

" Tanpa harus saling tindih menindih "


Genres: Jazz / Blues / Alternative

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

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4 tracks

Berasal dari kota Malang, Jawa Timur, mereka membawa musik yang sedikit lain. Secara garis besar sebenarnya the Clue beraliran Pop, namun mereka agak risih jika disebut beraliran Pop karena sebenarnya banyak unsur yang dbawa oleh masing-masing personil dan dimasukkan kedalam musik mereka. Kalo gitu trus aliran musik the Clue apaan?? The answer is..., ".. Alternative Pop & Blues, with a Lil' bit Jazzy Tunes". So guys, just enjoy our music & don't you ever dump it like a trash.

"The Clue, Hunt for the clue"

Is it a treasure Hunt?, or another unravel creativity which born from an inherent society to possess a new concept of music?.

The Clue, a youth band from 'Malang'(East Java province of Indonesia)where each personnel descendants were coming from various other regions of the country, has more to say about unraveling their Clue.

The Band consists of five talented individuals, they are:
Anton (Guitar), Brosky (Bass), Nuel (Vocal), Capiz (Drum), Saib (Keyboard).
Their music character is derived from Blues, Pop, and a tasty hints of Jazzy tunes (as it was described during SIMply's crew interview with The band and their manager Rully Prayogi).

The Clue were formed in 2006 and decided to goes Independence Label on 2008, so far they have gathered 15 songs, with 4 songs released and successfully made a breakthrough in major Radio Stations around, and promisingly to go ahead to be a major hits in the City, at least we all hope very much so.

(http://www.satuindonesia.co.nz/si-beta/main/index.php) (read less)

twitter : @the_clue
CP : 085697320112 ( YOGI )


  • anggarda said:
    asikk dengerin cerita pagi dulu :)) ,, sukses dahh buat the clue ^^b Jun 22
  • widas said:
    (widas) like yhis album . Oct 22
  • ronny x_celent said:
    cerita pgy dlu........ syair'a krn bgt......... top abieez............ Oct 22
  • meyfrita said:
    i love the clue so much,, apa lagi waktu ngebawain lagu sunday morning by marron5,, kerennnn :)) sukses yah,, btw, lagu berhenti bernyanyi nya juga di download free donk ^_^ Sep 23
  • Febri said:
    you guys have a good stuff, let spread to the worldwide! keep it up! Aug 25
  • xXxbone.screamsonloudsxXx said:
    niceee sob! terus berkarya aja buat the clue Aug 16
  • Silex said:
    nice sounds. diggin the tunes. keep it up. wish i could understand indonesian Aug 13
  • Shu said:
    Nyoba dgrin,, Cerita Pagi Dulu,,,,,,Wuiihhh Adem Di Hatiii.... Jul 04
  • deny kiswanto said:
    upload yang free mp3 plz... cerita pagi dulu MANTAP>>>>> Jun 29


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