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Blood Wisdom

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Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Members: Eaden Rosvein, Mixstar Michi, Magdalena

Mission Statement: We create in order to destroy, and destroy in disorder to create, so that a new experience beyond our present reach can grow like a r/Evolution flower from our dirty hands into fists...HERE AND NOW!!!

This is one branch of the cyber headquarters of the Blood Wisdom. This is where we organize the chaos, so that it is communicable to YOU, the cyber spectator. It is the way of the Blood Wisdom to build/discover doorways into and out of TIME (D.N.A.), and to gain access to the totality of the past, present, and future. These "divine" entrances willl not only permit each of us a passage to cross in between the jungle of TIME (D.N.A.), it will also banish the absurd concept of linearity, by opening up an alien route that decodes and ultimately alters the language of TIME (D.N.A.). For this purpose, we have been actively reconfiguring the shattered code of self, along with performing transformational rituals that affect the mass consciousness, by ushering in the realization of its actual immense proportions by the use of esoterrorist techniques. We have chose to completely step out of the reach of the genetic hands that control us unknowingly. We shall overcome what we were, to be what we truly are. With gnosis re-found, and without the daily routine of daily oppression, we are liberated to reinstate the memory of LIFE. The battle of the sexes was a commercial sold to the unconscious, we are here to motivate re-integration of androgynous principles. Art is a magickal action slandered to appear as background noise and delicate aesthetics, we are here to release the artist as shaman from its mainstream jail of symbols. So how do we plan on unfolding this agenda? Its easy as 1-2-3. First things first. Remove God Fear from the equation. Supremacy only leads to inferiority. We are not interested in proliferating the seeds of the great imbalance. Religions and there cartoon character deities are indeed the brain of control, in the way that it divides with the illusion of bringing us together. We fight without arms to be equal beyond the hole-y word. To us God is not dead, it is simply just infinite, wordless, and not of our species concern. Next is our process of being known again. We begin with the garden body through means of the sigil ritual and sex magick (For more information on these subjects, re-search the works of Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, Ordo Templi Orientis, and TOPI/TOPY), then onto the mind and perceptive regions (the telepathic gate) by way of reaching altered states through the creative force (art, music, film, dance, etc.). We suggest looking into the many forms of Shamanism throughout history and applying these practices while one exercises the pure imagination. Then onto the spirit of the world by way of community/spiritual networking/tribal re-connection (offline). This aspect of our (r)Evolutionary journey is so very important to the work. We must fully realize that we are not alone in any way shape or form. To transcend this bogus idea, is to literally step into a cosmic doorway and away from the society of Ego. This solitary delusion has been brought on by years of misinformation and messianic complexes, and is continuing to run off of the conditioned majorities ignorance, the allure of political greed, and the corrupted power of those believing in a repetitive lie. The deception must be snubbed out. How do we accomplish this? Well look at it in this light, the forces of control have naively concluded that people/herds, are easy to manage when they are unquestioning and isolated. Welcome to the current state of affairs. Now is the moment that the "herd" must realize the blatant fact that there are billions around them at all times, all armed with the same sacred knowledge, all outside of any form of control, each here to create there own vision of an acceptable existence. and all alive to realize that they are both the slave and the master. It's time to take responsibility for our world and its decadence. The corrupted information will turn on itself to disintegrate when we turn to see each other without fear to integrate. We declare a psychic war on all religions and all governments of control. This is why we are here on this "social network." We are here, infiltrating a paranoid intelligence agency, to realize our strength in numbers at any cost. Delete us and we still exist offline and so do YOU. We are here to go. Here to evolve and equalize. There is a lot to be done to fix all that has been fractured and chased away from being repaired, but The Blood Wisdom and others like us, are willing to labor in love for our cause. This is our true face. It is brutal and genuine like natures law. You are the twin in our mirror. Reflect what we are, equal, here and now...or nothing, whenever. The Blood Wisdom is an aggressive, collective effort, and we are presently living the brave desire to gather, connect to, accept, nurture, collaborate to, inspire, be inspired, befriend, and appreciate the energetic attitudes that every ONE generates, while seeking to live in balance with the environment and its shadows. It is only you who degrades or inflates your impact in our minds eye. The same goes for the mirror. The Blood Wisdom feels that all actions speak as a roar, and we loudly choose to have a say in the picture of the future. We are the creative force and this is what we do. We are liberated sentients. We are violent and intimate. We re-mind ourselves that any order exceeding natures law, is a psychic crime, and completely unnecessary. The all encompassing chaos must stir freely if there is to be ancient youth, new music, and, of course, ecstatic joy. Erase the cloudy window of reality, so that we may stand outside of the lost house of society. We hope that YOU feel the same way and choose to share the REALity of this dream across the internal dimensions. There is no "If not..." for there is no fear. We Look forward to the new experience of our meeting. That being said...To further a connection with and/or request any additional information on how you can assist the The Blood Wisdom spread its multi media virus, feel free to contact us here on Racebook or via email at thebloodwisdom@gmail.com , or find us outside of TIME...ONWARDS!!!

Many things are brewing in our audio cauldron...the enigma will unravel soon.