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The Bliss Method

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Genres: Alternative / Indie / Pop

Location: Wonder Valley, CA

Stats: 79 fans / 1,288 plays / 45 plays today






Members: Rachel (vox/guitar), Ethan (percussion), Mia (piano/guitar/accordion)

The Bliss Method is an alternative-pop band hailing from California. Though it was formed by sisters Rachel and Mariah Aro in late 2007 the band didn't really take off until early 2009, when they first released their debut song the Border Patrol (eh), longtime friend Ethan Harlan joining the lineup shortly after. With catchy beats and relate-able lyrics the Bliss Method hopes to spread the bliss one person at a time.

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  • nick said:
    ok im being serious right now when i say i just made an account just so i could comment and tell you how much i love this song. IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!! Jul 27
  • Carson J. said:
    OK, guys, I loved it so much. I made this account, but I want to say. Get yourselves together, please I mean this in the nicest way possible. I looked you guys up on Google, nothing came up. But this and facebook, but please are we going to see anymore new songs in the future? Oct 22
  • Johneta said:
    Rachel! u guys are gonna go hella far... see u next weekend when u pick up fernando... i f u go lol Apr 04
  • holyshitSupra said:
    haha this great! very different but unique i like :) Dec 16
  • Brenda Drew said:
    Amazing music, definitely not like stuff I usually listen to , but I love it ! I can't wait to hear more . :D Oct 23
  • suicidexmakeover said:
    steller voice Oct 18
  • Show Conner the Skyline. said:
    Well. it'll take more than that one song to say this conclusively, but it's good :) Oct 18
  • sweetlove said:
    omg, i love love love this song :) it's very original Sep 05
  • Bee. said:
    your vocalist is amazing, I love her. can't wait to hear more Aug 28
  • Jini☮ said:
    like the song :D Aug 28
  • PanicDuringRainDances said:
    you guys sound great this song is amazing i love the vocals and the lyrics Aug 17
  • Avery Marshall said:
    i like the vocals! Aug 16
  • Cassie Adi said:
    you guys are veryy awesome!! i love this song!!:) you definatelyy need more songs:) Aug 16
  • Alexis_Music_Crazy said:
    This is awesome!!!! I like it a lot!! :D Aug 10
  • Cass said:
    PLEAAAAASE put up more soon! love this1 Aug 09

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