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The Anti-Brys

Hello, I actually talk, so, talk!


Genres: Acoustic / Acoustic / Acoustic

Location: Maryville, TN

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4 tracks

Members: Me! (Everett Montoya)!

Hello, I am Everett!

I'm Everett Montoya! I made this band account because I was bored, but if you wanna' help me get famous than tell your friends about me (as if!)! But my music is just about having fun, so have fun! I don't really care if I get famous though. I just care about doing what I enjoy, and I enjoy this! Ooh! Also! If you wanna' find more out about me, then just ask! Other than that I live a pretty simple life! I don't do many things other than my music! I do enjoy talking to others though! So, you shouldn't be afraid to talk to me! Besides, I'm only human!

"Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized." - Adolf Hitler

I'm not a Nazi! This quote is just funny!


The Anti-Brys




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