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Teenage Rockout

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Genres: Punk / Rock

Location: Surabaya, Indonesia

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Members: Wisnu (Voc) Diefa (Lead) Tun (Bass) Ardi (Drum)

Teenage Rockout is a punk band that formed mid-year 2009. Starting from Wisnu Pramudya, the first person who got the idea to create a new wave melodic band that is still inspired by bands that have been quite familiar in the ears of punk music lovers like Rufio, New Found Glory, Melody Fall, Blink 182, Fenix TX, etc. ..... Then Wisnu invited Tuntun and Ardi to the bands to fill the position of bass and drums. Because we are still a student at the same school and class, making it easier for us to forge mutually minds to the idea. Obstacle at the moment is we are still yet to find a vocalist who can say that vocal character as we want . Finally we elected Silvi, with her trademark voice thick with a typical mix of classic rock sounds ..... After going through several phases of training and several times appeared in the local Giggs, appear skewer lack of other personnel with Silvi. Silvi began to unseriously with Teenage Rockout. And finally we agreed to issued Silvi ..... From that moment, Teenage Rockout must return to walk the same, but with a slightly changed position, Wisnu (guitar) also have to fill the vocal position, and the entry of Diefa as our lead guitar, so the music is more alive we become. With this new formation, the compact increasingly felt among us. Armed with the concepts that have been mature songs, improvisations, we discover new improvisation interesting enough for each of our songs.



Demo CD

Jan 17, 2010

hafiz abdillah

Surabaya, Indonesia


Hot Springs, AR

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