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Target Market Pro


Genres: Indie / Rock

Location: United States

Stats: 41 fans / 2,239 plays / 4 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Joseph Winters, Nathan Bernaix, Andrew Mossman, Clayton Parker

That's probably why I love the catchy Franz Ferdinand songs so much, and why bands like Target Market are so much fun to hear. This band has the aesthetic and the melodies, all wrapped up in a package of straight-up fun. Well, maybe "fun" isn't the right word; this band has some darkness to their music, too.

This one isn't long, but it's durable. I love that main phrase that opens the song, the flurry of hi-hats, and the fact that the first words Nathan Bernaix sings are, "Use my hands to cover your face." And you'll love how, three hours later from now, this song will be stuck in your head.

These guys are on the Afternoon Records roster, a lineup of bands that gets more impressive by the day."-MUSIC FOR ROBOTS(Jan. '07)



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May 05, 2009

No Thrills

Dec 12, 2006

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