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The Unlikely Candidates

On Tour / Writing our Ass Off


Genres: Acoustic / Pop Punk / Indie

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Stats: 544 fans / 11,837 plays / 20 plays today






Members: Kyle-Vox & Cole-Guitar

Sometimes when extremely talented and devastatingly attractive people with a plethora of experience in a particular field get together, their efforts are combined and snowball seamlessly into dynasty built on a foundation of pure divine right, almost preternatural adaptability, and teeming machismo. This of course was the case with The Unlikely Candidates. Cole Male and Kyle Morris became friends while attending Keller High School. The two had been sworn enemies ever since they had first met as toddlers through a mutual acquaintance. They decided to put aside their differences when they discovered they were both obsessive music fans with similar superior tastes. A friend of theirs was a drummer and one day they randomly decided that they would jam together, an interesting thought indeed. Cole had tangoed with the guitar a few times in his life mainly with prodding of his semi-musical family. He had never taken a formal lesson and had a few years of solid experience under his lame studded belt. Kyle on the other hand had no music experience what so ever, unless you count the countless hours he had spent singing to himself in his room and in his shower, never pursuing a musical career due to his chronic stage fright and performance anxiety. Hmmm yes anxiety. The jam went well so the two decided to ditch the drummer and play with each other instead...not in a gay way, in a musical way. It went well as well so well they continued despite the lack of support from anyone and played everyday for hours mainly because of lack of anything else to do and to their surprise got better. They tried to get a full band together seeing themselves more as an electric band than an acoustic one, but had to give up due to dealing with some flaky musicians that never came through. They would remain acoustic, not a bad move. After several months they finally got enough songs and courage together to play their first show. After several nervous breakdowns and two full on black outs they made it through their first show, to this day they have no memory of the event, but they were later assured that it was wasn't that awful. Thousands of hours later along with suffering grades and social lives they began to understand that this may be what they wanted to do with their lives. They loved the fans, the music, and of course the bitches...




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United States


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