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Thy Kingdom Come

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Genres: Metalcore / Post Hardcore / Christian

Location: San Diego, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Aldo, Jara, Isaac, Adrian, Lorenzo, Aaron

Thy Kingdom Come is a Post-Hardcore / Melodic-Metalcore Christian band from San Diego, CA. The band originally formed in early 2009, consisting of Sammy (performing scream and clean vocals), Adrian and Chris dueling on guitar, Isaac on bass, and Israel behind the drum kit. This lineup would build a foundation for TKC's future, and would release some hard-hitting demos, along with performing unforgettable shows.

Strength, unity, life, God, Christianity...these have remained the lyrical subject matter that the group has never been too shy to speak about. Despite members shifting, Thy Kingdom Come always remained. Though the aforementioned lineup did not last beyond 2009, the friendships made never ended, the brotherhood always went on. There were no replacements, only additions. In the end, it was a band of a dozen or so with six final members. With the departure of Chris, the band became a four-piece. However, TKC would again have five members as they inducted some incredible guitarists. Both Don and Andy found themselves alongside Adrian on guitar for a time. The band would later enlist Aaron on drums. And so, Sammy went off to college, Lee signed up for the six-string, and the band pushed on. Thy Kingdom Come found itself now to be a four piece again (in Adrian, Isaac, Aaron, and Lee) but this time without a vocalist. Aldo was kind enough to fill in for several shows, before his strong deep-raspy voice would earn him a permanent place fronting the band.

In 2011, the band would make the decision to split vocals between the roaring Aldo and 'clean' vocals of newcomer Jara. His clean, soulful-vibrato added in a brand new mix. And, like each member, acted as a catalyst for the growth and evolution of the band. And with Lee now gone, Lorenzo joined up playing guitar. The band continued to work hard, perfecting their craft, while actively touring; putting on a 6-man powerhouse show (every time). Their intense and interactive live stage presence easily garnered them approval with audiences. Thy Kingdom Come brought this intensity to every show, whether to a quaint backyard B-B-Q or playing mainstage at larger venues like Soma or The Epicentre to vast audiences, band members shared their energy with the crowd, quickly turning every onlooker into a participant in the show. During their tenure, the group would release several demos, until their final active release, "All Living Things," in the Fall of 2011, finally laying the band to rest later that year. TKC's members would go on to work together and support each other in future projects, and always remained fans of one another's bands. Still, one can never trust that a thing so powerful or so moving could stay gone forever... So, almost a year later the band released their final opus: Thy Kingdom Come "For The End", a collection of TKC's EPs and Demos, a Post-Hardcore / Melodic Metalcore masterpiece which features appearances by nearly every single band member in this brotherhood called Thy Kingdom Come.

Thy Kingdom Come's final line-up: Aldo Escobedo (scream vocals), Jara Jurado (clean vocals), Isaac Leyva (bass), Adrian Lopez (guitar), Lorenzo Gomez (guitar), Aaron New (drums).

Other TKC members include: Sammy Cruz (vocals), Chris Hernandez (guitar), Lee Chambers (guitar), Don Vedda (guitar), Andy Rodriguez (guitar), and Israel Leyva (drums).

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    WOW! Awesome songs. :))) Put some free mp3 guys. :))) I like to download your songs. \m/ I love the meaning of the song ''T.G.I.F'' YEAH! \m/ May 09

For The End

Sep 25, 2012

All Living Things

Sep 03, 2011

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