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Released Jun 09, 2009

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Comments (13)

  • life as Jennica said:
    fav band of all time. i really cant get enough of them :) Nov 03
  • Karen said:
    I love these guys they need a concert in Australia so bad Id go for sure :) xxooxx Dec 01
  • JoelJo said:
    the best shit they are EPIC SHIT! :DDDDDDDDD Nov 25
  • guitarist in the making said:
    OMG i want it so badly. y dont u guys ever sell stuff in australia? we do like u here ya noe! Aug 03
  • cycycy said:
    this album is worth it.. yea... keep rocking... love it... ;) \m/ Jun 14
  • stereo boii said:
    wahhhhhh this album is the best XD Jun 11
  • victorialily said:
    I LOVE this album Jun 08
  • .•˙brittnay˙•. RIP Of Machines 4.19.10 said:
    ZOMG! You're CD IS OMAZAZINGG I LOVE IT. i cant say which song is better!!! and it releases on my birthday XD. sorry i think thats awesome XD Jun 04
  • MarissaLynn.™ said:
    I Can't Decide is my absolute favorite Jun 04
  • Grace said:
    Why can you only "like" this album!? I LOVE this album... You went straight to the top of my favourite bands! Jun 04
  • xCher said:
    I love you guys, can't wait for the full album to come out! Why don't you come over to the netherlands? =D Apr 30
  • Pamel-uhh. said:
    Yu guys sound super amazing =] Apr 29
  • Alici-errrrr said:
    its so ahmazing il love you Apr 29