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Genres: Southern Rock / Rock / Jam Band

Location: Bordeaux, France

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The Old Skins Band
An unexpected and very interesting band to discover, THE OLD SKINS BAND from Bordeaux, are Hard and Blues-Rock addicts, from Southern Rock to Mississippi Blues with a perfect alchemy. The band was born in 2010 from the association of three beyond compare talents who are :
Laurent Brun-Laferrere (singer) : Laurent Brun-Laferrere singer, american’s music fan since time immemorial, lived more than ten years in the United States where he incorporated Amerindian spirit and culture. He came back in France extremely influenced by this experience and decided to take advantage of it creating some bands with serious musicians. But he never felt really comfortable until 2008 where he met Jean-Louis Caritou, guitarist with whom he shared the same musical tastes. They composed the album « Crying For a Dream » influenced by Heavy-Metal and Southern Rock. Their history was beginning…
Jean-Louis Caritou (guitar) : Jean-Louis Caritou guitar, is far from being a beginner, in fac the contracted the guitar illness very young starting with Jimi Hendrix who pushed him to learn the instrument and progress in his technique soon influenced by other artists such as ZZ Top, the Yardbirds, then Led Zeppelin, Cream… After a short break, his military service, in late 70’s he took an interest in Progressive Rock and participated to the making of a musical comedy, he also assembled the CARAT Studio in 1981 then the ANTEA Studio where he alaways practices nowadays. Furthermore he practises as composer, arranger and recording musician for many artists…
Philippe Paigne (keyman) : The third of the familly is Philippe Paigne, he started music with accordion, then very quickly piano became his instrument by predilection which will accompany him on Billy Powell path. He received his music teacher diploma in 1968 and will continue to collaborate with many artists, he also collaborated with Patrick Hernandez (Born To Be Alive !)… As a recording musician, he collabored with many projects and worked as arranger in the ANTEA Studio where he met Laurent and Jean-Louis; it was the perfect union… They recorded the album « Crying For a Dream » together in 2009 and then decided to create THE OLD SKINS BAND.
To complete the line-up, we find Etienne Maksa on bass guitar, Denis Bielsa on drums, Natacha and Maëva choir singers !
Etienne Maksa (Bass)
Denis Bielsa (Drums)
Natacha and Maëva
Remember this name : THE OLD SKINS BAND !!!



Crying for a dream

Feb 12, 2012


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