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Symphony in G


Genres: Powerpop / Indie / Pop Punk

Location: Alex, MN

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4 tracks

Members: Isaac G (lead vocals/2nd guitar/piano/violin) Tom (guitar/violin) Ryker J (back-up vocals/1st guitar) Drew(Koley) (bass) Chad (percussion)

I write this with no great feeling, but maybe that of confliction. Today we left our Hopeless Records contract and signed a distribution and licensing contract with Virgin Records. There isn't enough eloquence or justice in my writing to say how happy I am to have worked with the great people over at Hopeless. They have helped us so much these past few years and we regret none of it. That being said, we are both equally excited and anxious for starting a new album with a new label. Thank you all again for your support, we really appreciate it. Also we will be binding this site to our personal site because this isn't updated or supported. The change should occur early next year. Thank you all again!
Isaac G

In celebration of a very good friend of mine's engagement (and having reached 15,000 album sales/downloads) we're having free download week! Enjoy.
Isaac G

Also we'd like to apologize for keeping any of you in the dark if you're following this site. The majority of traffic is being sent to the official site. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused any of you.
Dustin M

Just an update. The band will be playing fairly extensively early next year around Minneapolis and Chicago. We're in talks about a Warped endorsement as well. The album is wrapping up nicely and should launch alongside the spring's show lineup. Thanks everyone!
Dustin M.

Hey everyone. Thanks for checking us out. Our new stuff up right now is basically Isaac's personal acoustic piano album called Drenched. These songs are still early versions as he's trying to get a feel for both high pitched falcetto voice and a deeper, misty chest voice. Were hoping to almost get a two person sound out of one guy which can be difficult at times. It's still in the works but he's pushing for an early 2010 release. Three other albums are currently under production, some full band with the whole group and another with friends and some label mates such as All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Go Radio, Every Avenue, Motion City Soundtrack, Eyes Set To Kill, and the Action Design. Check back soon we'll be swapping songs and adding on a biweekly basis and most will be free download.
Dustin M.
Head of Hopeless A&R


  • Jessica S said:
    I just downloaded your new album, but why isn't it up on here yet? Are you guys still using purevolume? Mar 10
  • Ariana said:
    Lead singer is amaaazing! I hear you have a show coming up at the Myth! Details? Dec 11
  • Kiley said:
    Where's all your music fellas? Bring it back! Especially: Oh No! This is a Shoot out Jenny Jenny Just some good ones.. May 18
  • enelysenc said:
    You should post a youtube video or something, to show ppl that " You're My Everything" is ur song.. srsly cuz it's an amazing song and its sad to know that many ppl still don't know whos song is it ( i hope ur get the point cuz I'm from Estonia and my English is not so good) May 16
  • Jake Osmund said:
    Dude I checked that guy out. I'm pretty sure he just copied you. That sucks I hope he gets screwed in the inevitable lawsuit. I'll back you up for sure if you need it. I'm an artist to and I have an account on soundcloud. I doubt you remember but we played an acoustic set way back in Minneapolis and I checked out your profile. My friends and I know you had "his" songs for years I know they're yours. I even downloaded them like 2 years ago. Any real Symphony fan will too don't worry about it bro. We got your back! lol Feb 21
  • Kiley said:
    Danngg guys, props. Too bad all your little groupies should be jealous since I'm the singer's sister, so suck it. Seriously Isaac pretty impressive. Way to steal the musical genes. Sep 09
  • Kevin said:
    Wow the lead singer has such amazing talent. Good job, keep working hard guys. Aug 15
  • Erin Myer said:
    Heyyy! ;] my friend just told me you were on here now that's so cool! I was at the Ivy the night you stayed there and played at that club you're songs were amazing! I seriously cried. lol I heard you were releasing these songs for free here soon? Hope so! Have a good day maybe I'll see you soon! Jul 28
  • Brea Johansen said:
    I've been following your bands since the first Isn't She Lovely played at First Ave like two years ago. I was sooo excited to hear that you were starting a solo project and opening at the Myth?! insaaane! I LOVE your music. it's so personal I'm so excited for when this album is done. You met me a few times and I have all your songs, even the one with Four Letter Lie and Four Year Strong. Anyway I'm super stoked to see you on purevolume! and amazing job at the Myth there had to have been 3000 people there! Jul 21
  • Amelia Olsen said:
    I Love this band!!!! I was at the Myth last friday you were amazing! the lead singer is... wow ;) you signed me shirt. pleeeeease play again there. Jul 21

This Is Heartbrake

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She Screams Perfection

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...Why You'll Love Her

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