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Svartthron is working on a new album!


Genres: Metal / Experimental

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

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Members: Tomhet - music

"Kraujo estetika" (Aesthetics of blood) is the fourth official album of Lithuanian project Svartthron which is creating since 2005. Exclusicely lithuanian forces were gathered for recordings of drums and voice for this album. Drums are live in this CD for the first time in the history of the project. The leader of the project, Tomhet, was responsible for guitars, bass and compositions. The final result - very powerful and diverse album of Lithuanian black metal. The theme that unites all the songs - blood. Songs of "Kraujo Estetika" are like separate paintings. In visions and torment great knowledge and understanding comes, which leads to the absolute trumph of the beast. The tracks in the album also sounds like separate entities. From depressive and dark melancholy in gloomy riffs of guitars to all-destroying rhythms of drums and uncontrolable bursts of aggression. The whole musical picture is fulfilled with vocals which one second sounds like shrieking of a beast being slaughtered ant another second that beast attacks you full of rage; it is masterful and commanding or despising. Kommander L. from Lithuanian division, dislocated in Italy was also invited to record one track and he added yet different sound and standpoint to the theme. This album - it's not just enjoying the sounds and consonances of instruments. It is also philosophical discourse towards the very essence of human being, discussing human-animal, which is ruled by his own weaknesses and irresolutions and also external factors such as religion. As opposed to it - human-beast, which breaks off all chains and takes all obstacles to reach his goal. In life or death.
More About Svartthron NEW ALBUM OUT

At first, Svartthron started as a depressive black metal ONE MAN BAND. After few albums, TOMHET, the main character responsible for all this madness invited two session members - LEVAS - vocals and [K] - Drums. As a result - latest KRAUJO ESTETIKA album became a monolith made of atmospheric black metal with a touch of experimentalism.

Almost a year passed since KRAUJO ESTETIKA was recorded and despite the fact, that album was released only few montsh ago, TOMHET already started creating new material for future release. Expect Black metal with touches of psychedelia and experimentalism.



Kraujo Estetika

Jan 01, 2010