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Steven Quiry



Genres: Rock / Alternative / Acoustic

Location: Fairfax, CA

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4 tracks

Management: Kim Kraemer

Steven Quiry brings rhythmic grit to the alternative rock genre with his dynamic, expansive repertoire of original songs, from introspective love ballads to grinding calls to action, that flow over melodic chord progression and syncopated rhythms.

From Worcester, Massachusetts, to Marin County, California, Steven has inspired audiences with his powerful performances both solo and at times with a backing band. highlighting his vocal dexterity and range of extremes. Steven Quiry's songwriting mastery shines through in a deep catalog of works that harness the universal frailties and fears, as well the strengths and inspirations present in the human experience. Steven's music is constantly evolving, energetic in its assemblage and gripping in its impact. Steven Quiry's first 5 song EP, "Pretend" released in Jan of 2011 and was met with critical acclaim. It has been featured on many online radio stations and continues to be recognized as a great collection. He has just released a solo EP entitled "This Time" and it is already making waves! Steven Quiry is and artist to watch!!!

All songs are composed by Steven Quiry
©2011 SQ Publishing

Management: Kim Kraemer


  • heliosoul said:
    That song Spin is like melodic and harmonic candy...can't get enough Dec 04
  • heliosoul said:
    Can't wait for the new demos! I hope you include that song Deicide that you had up for a hot second...that song is insanely awesome Oct 31
  • Kyane said:
    love the guitar intro to SPIN.....true to it's title, you have me Oct 14
  • Kyane said:
    stumbling has the energy of a volcano that just erupted through the sea and birthed an island...wonderful harmony and instrumentation....your voice has mystic grit!!!! Oct 14
  • sherlo said:
    very easy listening, thanks =) Feb 16
  • sarah cleveland said:
    :D i really like pretend!! keep it up!!! Feb 12
  • Annette said:
    Why do you only have 2 fans... what is wrong with this picture... hmmm Feb 10
  • Annette said:
    LOVE LOVE LOVE... thats all I can say... :) Feb 08
  • .SHARISAVAGE. said:
    Gorgeous(: I'm your very first fan! Feb 08

Steven Quiry

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