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Steve Rot


Genres: Industrial / Rock / Alternative

Location: Scarborough, ON

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Members: Steve Rot

Steve Rot is an industrial rock solo-artist from Scarborough, Canada. Initiated in 2004, his solo portfolio became his primary project by 2010 when he released "See You In Hell". His project is studio oriented and is characterized by an over-engineered style, with rock, metal, and sometimes orchestration. He performs, composes, records, engineers, and produces his own music. He is a guitarist and bassist, and has worked as a session bassist for other bands and artists.

In 2011, Star Radio 104.6 FM in Greece became the first foreign radio station to rotate his music in pop radio format. At age 16 from 2006 to 2007, he played guitar for '69 Cutlass and sold-out all tickets assigned by their booking agency at every concert in Toronto, Canada. In 2005, he independently released "Blank", which became distributed in Iran despite the government's censorship of Western music. In 2010, Doomworld.com, Liquid Doom Radio, and other publications syndicated a video game soundtrack he released in tribute to Robert Prince's original compositions. In 2012, he won a joint Peavey and XLN Audio contest for the engineering of his pre-released song "Never Know". In 2010, he performed in the Toronto FC theme song "Wave Hard", which plays at BMO Field. Prior to the release of "See You In Hell" in 2010, his former solo portfolio was removed from all publication due to personal unhappiness with the music.

In 2012, he privately declined a major record label's financing for the recording and publication of his song "Surveillance", requiring that ownership of the song be transferred to another band, and that it be reproduced for mainstream appeal. Disenfranchised by the record label downsizing episode in the late 2000's, he has taken a pro-independent, anti-pop stance on the production of his own music. Although he has remained underground and has lacked mainstream appeal, he has played and recorded for a variety of broader and less ideological projects.

As a session musician, he is sometimes published and credited under a variety of pseudonyms. Among published credits, he played and recorded bass for Wrong Crowd from 2005 to 2010 (which was produced by EMI Publishing staff), My Flea Circus in 2009, Ryan Locke in 2011, and Psycho Mad Sally. In 2013, he restricted his session appearances to recordings and select projects, and began re-focusing on his solo project for the release of "Dead And Pissed Off".

Although a primarily studio-based project, he is sometimes accompanied by a stage band for rare live performances. He also rarely performs low-profile solo acoustic concerts, sometimes promoted under pseudonyms.

In 2003, he learned how to play guitar by playing along to recordings of John Lee Hooker and other blues artists. He became influenced by Bill Steer and Carcass, and consequently began tuning his instruments to B standard. Influenced by the pioneering style of Skinny Puppy, he began recording and audio engineering in 2004. Although his lyrics have dealt with a variety of themes, they are usually distressed and misanthropic. He began playing bass in 2005 originally to fulfill his own recordings, and then began his session bass career.