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  • things are getting heated over on the @AVeryGKHoliday twitter. Hit them with a follow and ask Derek what his sign is

    Dec 06, 2012

  • at 6pm we're taking over the @AVeryGKHoliday twitter account to talk and answer questions about ANYTHING. and I mean anything. so holler!

    Dec 06, 2012

  • RT @AVeryGKHoliday: STATE CHAMPS and Brian Marquis Music are taking over our @AVeryGKHoliday twitter today! 6pm and 8pm est! Matty... h ...

    Dec 06, 2012

  • Photo: We see a lot of comments saying we shopped @pussyalldaymark into the air in this photo. Nope! Homeboy... http://t.co/bKZbkAAU

    Dec 06, 2012

  • RT @Realtalkskateco: Get stoked. The @State_Champs skateboard launches December 14th. (http://t.co/2boKPqw5)

    Dec 05, 2012

  • RT @ALoss4Words: Getting ready for tour! http://t.co/DgcDJISU

    Dec 05, 2012

  • RT @EndofaYear: Look for @DrugChurch on the new episode of ROOM RAIDERS. We find cum on EVERRRRRYTHING!

    Dec 05, 2012

  • Photo: Practiced our set for the Hit the Lights tour today! Also wrote a new song o.0 http://t.co/dLoCcmE4

    Dec 04, 2012

  • RT @BraveTheWildTO: Get your presale tickets ASAP for the December 10th show @thesneakydees with @HTLband , @State_Champs , Live the Sto ...

    Dec 04, 2012

  • RT @YourAwayMessage: it’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a FUCKING KNIFE I HATE EVERYTHING NO ONE TALK TO ME.

    Dec 04, 2012


Events (62)

May 03

Charleston, SC

7:00pm at Music Farm
May 04

Baltimore, MD

7:00pm at Rams Head Live!
May 06

Memphis, TN

7:00pm at Minglewood Hall
May 07

Wilmington, NC

7:00pm at Ziggy’s by The Sea
May 08

Richmond, VA

7:00pm at The National