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Start the Fight

Two new songs are up now! ENJOY!


Genres: Pop Punk / R&B / Powerpop

Location: Amherst, NY

Stats: 140 fans / 3,513 plays / 12 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Lou, Ryan, Jason, Chris, David

Buffalo-based band Start the Fight was put together by cousins Ryan and Lou Mattiuzzo in early 2010. Starting off as an acoustic project by the name of The Nickel City Standard, they both decided that this was not the direction that they wanted to go, so they changed the name of the group, as well as the sound, recruiting fellow cousin Jason DeLuca on bass in order to give their band the full, pop-punk sound they desired.
They soon after recruited close friend Chris Majewski to play drums, and after a few shows with friends filling in on lead guitar, friend (and Fighting for First guitarist) David Miller Jr. joined to give them the sound, and the group dynamic, that had eluded them for so long.
With a collective love of music, sarcasm and superheroes, these 5 young lads intend to bring a unique sound to the over-saturated music scene. That love of music includes hard (August Burns Red, Norman Jean, Of Mice and Men, UnderOath, etc.), soft (Michael Jackson, Boys II Men, Justin Timberlake, Hillsong United, etc.), classic (Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Metallica, the Who, etc.), smooth (the Temptations, Craig David, Jackson 5, Jonny Craig, etc.) and staples of the scene (New Found Glory, the Starting Line, Hit the Lights, Blink 182, etc.).
All of these influences have made their way into the sound of Start the Fight, and the members doing their best to create something meaningful, melodious and catchy for their listeners to enjoy. They are hellbent on making a fan of every single person who hears their songs. Give them a shot?


  • Mark Peters said:
    It was great getting to meet you guys at Robby's open house! You have some great stuff, keep up the good work! -Mark Jun 05
  • Ryan said:
    We are still recording for our EP right now. Hopefully we will have it out during this summer. Thanks for the support May 27
  • shadow_drummer said:
    where can i buy/ download all the songs? May 27
  • shadow_drummer said:
    the new song is pretty bad ass but its still hard to beat "dont shoot the messenger" May 02
  • Ryan said:
    We LOVE all of you guys! Currently we are playing shows in Buffalo, NY and working on new stuff. We are about to head into the studio within the next two weeks to record the new stuff. God willing we will have an EP out sometime this summer. Thank you guys again for the love and support. You guys are the best! God Bless -Ryan STF Mar 20
  • dee apple said:
    love the music! you guys are amazing!!! Mar 20
  • Blane Serna ( Do You Believe In Ghosts ) said:
    your voice is soo unique i love it!!! Mar 15
  • Daniel™ said:
    Yay ! Mar 14
  • Cathryn said:
    you guys are really cute! Mar 09
  • Jessicaaa said:
    Love itt Mar 07
  • lexi jade∆ said:
    wow......:D Jan 04
  • Angiex5 said:
    I love your sound :) your lead singer has a really unique and reat voice Dec 19
  • LyricalLauren said:
    I have found my new Fall Out Boy Dec 18
  • shadow_drummer said:
    AWESOME!!!! i wanna do a cover of dont shoot the messenger Dec 15
  • MeliKickYourFacee said:
    the whole puting my name in the comment works xD keep doing that i trust me youll go big Dec 12


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