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Spenthrift is a Rock/Alternative/Grunge band!?


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Grunge

Location: Toronto, ON

Stats: 0 fans / 58 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Andrew Aiello - Drums, Kazi Sakhwat - Guitar/Vox, Tyler Oberding - Bass

A three-piece rock/alternative/grunge band with a passion for music, Spenthrift positively contrasts most of the music that you are exposed to today; whether it be on the radio, in the "record store", or in the local music scene.

Spenthrift 's musical tastes are vast, but from within it influences are absorbed to produce music with an appeal just as broad. Each song in the band's growing catalogue is unique from the other, and the diversity of sound is projected in live performances as well as in recordings.

Kazi Sakhawat sings vocals and plays guitar. Andrew Aiello is the drummer playing the drums, and Tyler Oberding is on the bass

In case you were wondering why the name isn't "Spendthrift" (that is, why it's missing the "d"), well that's because this version is more visually appealing. Besides, a lot of people don't pronounce the 'd' when saying the word.

Spenthrift is constantly expanding their catalogue, and this page will be updated with new songs and demos as regularly as possible. So do check back

Contact Management via e-mail for bookings, meetings, interviews, and/or comments at Spenthrift@hotmail.com