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Speak & Spell

Mini-Album has been Worked!


Genres: Electronic / Experimental / Indie

Location: Bogor, Indonesia

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4 tracks

Members: Riefan Novalde H S, Riga Feraldy Al Hakim, Faisal Reza Akbar, Mulya Addin N P

Speak and Spell was formed in mid-January 2011, with the initial format of a band called Love Story At Last October,
a homage to Pop-Punk. Starting from a misunderstanding between personnel in the band, leading to conflict and discord, until
in the end we we're four personnel resigned from the band, with the initial format of the band at Love Story At Last October, namely:
- Riefan N S as a vocalist and bassist
- Riga Feraldy Al Hakim as a guitarist
- Airlangga as rhytm
- Faisal Reza as 8bit controllers and
- Mulya Addin as the drummer

Until the end of the begin point of frustration of our attitude, we formed a band back on track with the initial breakthrough
covering of sherina single entitled "Pergilah Kau", with the flow of new Electrobitpop sound of Powerpop
with the formation of the band is fixed at:
- Riefan N S as a vocalist and bassist
- Riga Feraldy Al Hakim as a guitarist
- Faisal Reza Akbar 8bit controllers, Loop, Geek Tracker
- Mulya Addin as Drummer

At the outset of the band, we took the band name from a music device that has a multifunctional, that "Speak and Spell".
Speak and Spell was taken from an electronic device that can Speak and Spell the word with the format of the resulting sound like a robot voice. Similarly, "Speak and Spell" is meant is that we want to talk and review our new music to be enjoyed by all lovers of music with the theme "Easy Listening" for all young people and all walks of life. And not contaminated by the market flow of the music being struck young people in Indonesia today.
So enjoy your Spelling time. And Blast Our music, Because We'll just speak and spell our music. Thank You ^___^


  • Yusrian Taufan said:
    Check out this band, you'll like it! http://www.purevolume.com/MerahMaroonBand thank's Apr 12
  • talitha khanza said:
    loves your songs :D Mar 18
  • George Wayne said:
    Sounds Like Forever The Sickest Kids, or you made that byself? Loves !! Feb 27
  • Ryckochocolate said:
    So so greatly song guys!! Feb 24


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