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English Toolkit for Latinos in the Foodservice Industry

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Close the Communication Gap with Your Latino Employees! - Spanish Classes for Business
This English Toolkit offers unique, user-friendly and practical tools to help your Latino employees easily & effectively "get your point across" in English. Maximize the potential of your employees, improve customer service, decrease costly communication errors and improve recruiting and retention.
Specifically designed with the foodservice industry in mind, our kit:

  • Is designed to be implemented and led by non-Spanish-speaking trainers or managers.


  • It can also be used as a self-study program for your Latino staff. All materials are in English and Spanish and there is a bilingual audio CD that will help participants every step of the way.


  • Can be completed in about three months with two forty-five minute sessions per week.


  • Helps your Spanish-speaking employees reach their true personal and professional potential.


  • Enhances performance within your operation.


  • In addition to Workplace English, teaches English with a focus on life skills to help employees in their daily lives.


  • Focuses on everyday English and takes the emphasis off of grammar.


  • Allows learners to use their newly acquired English skills immediately.

Topics covered / Sections:

  • Breaking the Ice


  • Numbers, Dates, Time


  • Scheduling


  • Hygiene


  • Safety


  • In the Kitchen


  • Food


  • Cleaning


  • Customer Service

Each Toolkit contains:
Facilitator's Guide (one per kit)
Detailed, step-by-step instructions for implementing the program and leading training sessions. Easy to use and designed for use by non-Spanish-speaking trainers and managers. - Spanish Classes for Business
Learner Workbooks (5 per kit)
These workbooks are designed for employees with limited English proficiency to learn the basic English language skills they need to become more successful, productive and content employees.
Instructional CD set (one two-CD set per kit)
This bilingual audio CD set provides the English and Spanish dialogue and vocabulary that learners will need to complete the course, eliminating the need for a bilingual trainer.
Flashcard Deck (one set of 83 cards per kit)
Using word and image association, these fun visual aids help to stimulate the learning process and are an integral part of the training program.
Spanish and English 24 X 36” Full-Color Poster for Today’s Workforce (one per kit)
This 24-inch x 36-inch laminated, color bilingual combination poster helps managers easily speak Spanish with words and key phrases first in English, then the Spanish translation and then finally a pronunciation guide so communicating is easy even if you haven’t spoken Spanish before.
This “combination poster” also allows Latinos / Hispanics to effectively communicate with these functional work-specific words and phrase.
I hope you have found this information helpful and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us: 
Translation@WorkplaceLanguages.com, 1.866.330.9419 or www.WorkplaceLanguages.com/Quote.
Thank you!


Posted Jun 11, 2015 at 5:51am