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Mixing Hip Hop Beats - 6 Simple steps

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Mixing Hip Hop Beats - 6 Simple steps

I know it can be confusing trying to put a mix together to get a hip hop beat. When you have no idea where to start when it comes to mixing a beat, We have 6 easy guidelines you can follow to help get you going. These are thing that I remember when mixing my beats. Hard Hip Hop Beats
1. PAN - One of the 1st some tips i look to do once i approach mixing a hip hop beat. You don't want all your instruments sitting in the center of the stereo field. That's always a bad idea. The trick is to use the entire stereo field and possess things to the created a lil bit, to the right a lil bit, as well as in the center. Mix it up. Do what sounds best to you. Just anything you do, never keep everything dead center.

2. SOLO EACH TRACK - You need to solo each track and make sure the track sounds good by itself. Solo the kick, ensure the kick is hittin hard. Solo the hi hat, make sure it sounds nice and bright and crispy. Just do this to each track and be sure the tracks sound GREAT by themselves. Trust me, it can defiantly make the difference end the conclusion.

3. GROUPING TRACKS - After you have soloed the tracks and so they sound CRISPY by themselves, group the tracks together. But the key here is to group merely the tracks around the same frequency. Like group the kick, bass, and sub. Those are typical boomy low end frequencies. You group these to make sure they are are heard clearly. Group just your drums. Find out how that sounds. Is it possible to hear each tack clearly? Just enjoy combination until your whole track is SUPER clear!

4. FIXING The lower END - Very often in hip hop beats, there might be low end problems. Anybody who makes hip hop beats knows it could get really BOOMY down there. How do you fix this? One trick would be to EQ. What ever machine or software you're using to make your beats should have some sort of EQ. But you wish to EQ each track which has frequencies 150hz. If you have an 808 sub, Allow that to hit hard and pan it left and right. I you have BASS guitar, cut off frequencies below 35/40hz. Maybe pan it at such as the 11oclock or 3 oclock. And set your kick drum right with your bass, maybe on the 1oclick or 1130. Then adjust levels so that is sounds good and clear to you personally.

5. EQ - One thing you may want to keep in mind is that you never want to over EQ. You don't have to EQ if it sounds good already. What most producers do wrong is they EQ even when they don't need to. And that's a major problem. However if you simply have to EQ, know what your doing and ways to use the EQ. Some basic EQ tricks are, if you would like your sub hitting more, you can BOOST the low end +3db using EQ. If you'd like it to sound brighter it is possible to BOOST the highs about +3db. It will be the same thing as messing together with your bass, treble, and highs within your car. Soundclick Beats

6. AVOID DISTORTING - This will have been number 1! You never under any circumstances desire to distort or clip. If you don't know what distorting is, its when the red light is flashing on my master output track. Ensure that when all your tracks are playing at the same time, that you are not distorting. This is a must. One trick that I do is that I play the part of my beat that has the most going on, and I adjust my master level from that.


Posted Dec 01, 2014 at 6:41am