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Something New Awaits

Professionally Shitty


Genres: Pop Punk / Acoustic / Punk

Location: Cherry Grove, NY

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Members: Jessie Taylor

So my plan is to make two videos soon. Music by me. Except they both have two different purposes. One is to promote awareness the other is to advertise a business. Interesting yes?

I am not a band I am a project and my own kind of artist. I have ideas and make them come to life.
25 years later...

I'm older, fatter, and grayer.. oh and GAYER. Hellloooo slutsss! Been writing more epic fail shit. Stay tuned, more lack of talent-less music coming your way

10 years later......

Its hard to be motivated when people tell you, you can't do something.
Am I right?
What hard work for a shitty attempt of two demos phew...alright I'm sure the next update
won't betill another 10 years.

As of 4/15/10 I have 8 of 10 songs. Go me

Hello my name is Jess. I was born in Queens Ny but grew up in Long Island. Growing up listening to the Backstreet boys was always a cool thing to talk about back then, now times have changed. If it weren't for my cousin I would have never been introduced into listening to punk. First band I got into was Sum 41, the lead singer Deryck Whibley influenced me to play guitar. Later on I began listening to other punk bands, Blink 182 became my all time love. I remember when I learned my first Blink song, It was like loosing your virginity. [The best feeling in the world.] I've been in a few bands.. they never lasted. So I called it quits for being in a band for a long time..and began to practice by myself learning the tricks behind fingering the fret board on it's G string.[;)] Singing about Grandmas to unicorns never sounded so badass... then i figured fuck it why not go solo...

-Something New Awaits



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