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What Are Solo Ads? The supreme Guide

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Are you ready to find out what solo ads are?

Great as this is the ultimate guide to solo ads.

You will not only walk away with a solid understand of what solo ads are, but included in the package know:

4 Pro Suggestions to Writing Your Own Solo Ad
The best place to Buy Solo Ads
3 Negotiation Strategies That can Save You Money
5 Common errors Solo Ad Newbies Make That Burn Money

Cool, let's begin this post by answering well-known question:

What Are Solo Ads?

A solo ad is definitely an email advertisement where you leverage someone else's opt-in list and promote your product or service.

It's called a solo ad as your email is the only, or "solo" promotion which goes out to that optin list.

best places to sell solo ads

In other words, instead of having to go out and build your personal giant email list, it is possible to leverage other people's subscriber list that they have been building for many years.

Therefore, you are broadcasting your own message for the products to warm leads, and the list owner is endorsing you to their list.

As well as the people on that list already are used to opening up emails and reading them, so it will be a high quality traffic source.

There are people out there whose entire business design is to sell access to their giant list to people like you and me.

Here's how it works: You write an e-mail for the solo ad vendor to transmit to his list, then you pay him to transmit it.

For example, you could pay $1,000 for 500 clicks, along with the solo ad vendor would fulfill his part by offering you with 500 clicks.

Sometimes, there are solo ad sellers that will write the email for you personally, but this is a courtesy instead of all of them do it.

Exactly why they would do that happens because writing email copy is a skill, and if you suck advertising online then the people on his list won't click, and he will burn out his list attempting to deliver those clicks.

The main one drawback with solo ads is the fact that it's not a constant stream of traffic (unless you continuously pay for them).

Unlike internet search engine traffic, which keeps on coming every single day, solo ad visitors like a quick hit that dies off after A couple of days.

So a good approach is to combine solo ads along with other traffic strategies like retargeting, Facebook, and look engine traffic to have a steady flow.

IMPORTANT: I should mention that not all solo ad vendors are the same. Some deliver high quality traffic while others deliver low quality.

It's up to you to eliminate the bad apples, but we'll speak about that later.

The way you use Solo Ads

One of the ways you can use solo ads is usually to drive people to sales, but the best way to use solo ads would be to drive them to an email opt-in page (aka landing page) so you can capture them as leads for your list.

You just need to focus on picking the right list and writing the correct emails, so the worth more the spend is.

That leads into the next point...

Pro Suggestions to Write A Solo Ad Email

In the event the vendor doesn't write the email for you, then here are some ideas to writing a fantastic solo ad email.

#1 Have a Strong Subject Line

Remember, it isn't really about getting the Most of the people to open the email, it's about getting the RIGHT people.

So produce trick people by using a stupid email subject line like, "Here's your payment receipt."

(I've actually seen this before). - This is a douchey move that will backfire given it will just piss people off after they read the email.

You would like to have a subject line with a mix of curiosity and benefit.

As an example, "One weird trick to selling more high ticket products."

This takes practice, but get started by brainstorming whom you want to open the e-mail and then try to sprinkle in a few curiosity.

#2 Don't Share Your Big Secret Without delay

Remember, you you want to drive clicks for an email opt-in page so that you can capture leads.

In case you let the cat out of the bag on your "weird trick to selling more high ticket products" then men and women will already have the information they need.

I like to start off the email with a "yes" statement to get them in that "yes" mind-set.

Something like:

"Do you want to discover ways to sell 10x more high ticket products? Great you are going to love this video." [stick a web link here]

#3 Add Credibility

People like credibility, and it will get a more clicks.

Something such as:

"High ticket product expert, Tim just released a free video on how he could sell 10x more high ticket products then a next guy inside the most recent high ticket contest."

#4 Acknowledge the difficulties They've Already Had

Once you know who your hungry buyer is, then you need to be able to speak to their heart.

You need to understand their problems and struggles already.

And that means you could say something such as:

"If you've had these XYZ problems you happen to be going to love this." [add a link].

#5 Ask the Solo Ad Vendor If you're able to Add a Retargeting Pixel

Some will allow you to do this, some won't.

However if you simply can get them to ad a retargeting pixel, then your people who click the links can have ads show up on their screen at a later date while surfing the web that could remind them of you and your offer.

The Best Places To Buy Solo Ads?

Check the resources area.

Negotiation Tactics

Here are some useful negotiation tactics to obtain the best bang for your buck.

#1 Inquire if they have any samples

You ought to be tactful how you ask this, because sometimes vendors can be sensitive about protecting the clientele.

Frame it such as this: Say that you want to make sure you get the correct formatting so that you can write it in a manner that imitates what has assisted others in the past.

#2 Ask how their list was built

This is so you can make a better decision be it valuable in general.

Maybe it was built using double opt-ins? Freebies? Buyers?

In general, look for double opt-in lists which are built using sales funnels and ensure they have tried to sell confidently to that particular list before.

#3 Find out if you can start with just a segment

By doing this you don't have to buy the whole entire list.

If the segment performs well, you can purchase a bigger segment or even the whole thing. If not, they you can scratch it and go forward.

Common Solo Ad Mistakes

#1 Not Tracking Links

Sometimes solo ad vendors try this for you, but again, this is a courtesy.

You need to measure the amount of clicks you get to protect yourself from being scammed.

You can Google search popular tracking tools to accomplish this.

#2 Not Split Testing Your Emails

Ask the solo ad seller if you're able to split test your emails.

Use two different subject lines in a single test.
Use two different emails in another test.

See which converts better.

#3 Not Buying More Than One List At A Time

Sometimes one list won't work. You have to find which ones work and convert right for you.

If you buy one at a time, that could takes weeks to find a profitable list, however if you buy 3-5 at a time then you can definitely scale the winners faster and ditch the losers.

Remember, that's how advertising works. You need to be willing to lose some funds sometimes and not cry regarding it.

#4 Be Honest With Yourself About Your Sales Funnel

Many people will spend the minimum to buy a solo ad (say $100), and when they don't make money back they blame the seller for scamming them.

That's pathetic. General guideline is that you should send 1000 clicks before judging that list.

Also, should you be buying 3-5 lists at the same time and none are converting...

hmm... then its most likely because your sales funnel sucks.

#5 Not understanding Your Cost Per Lead or Earnings Per Lead

Not understanding your numbers means your blindly investing in advertising without knowing what you should make to break even, or how much you can spend to acquire a new customer prior to deciding to suffer losses.

To discover these numbers, simply replace the word "per" with a division sign.

Cost divided by lead.

Earnings divided by lead.

Real companies know their numbers.


That ends the greatest Guide to Solo Ads.

Now that you've learned what they are, pro tips to writing them, how to negotiate with the sellers and ways to avoid common newbie mistakes.


Posted Dec 23, 2015 at 5:24am