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Solid Gold Thunder

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Genres: Rock / Funk / R&B

Location: St.Simons Island, GA

Stats: 83 fans / 16,086 plays / 58 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Levi, Randall, Jet, Stu, Kyle and Aaron


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Solid Gold Thunder is a collaborative effort of 6 young Brunswick, GA locals that have connected each others' dots musically to rock the Rock & Roll world. For many of their family, friends, and fans, Solid Gold Thunder has essentially been a long time coming.

During the endless weekend garage jam sessions, they quickly began to realize that their collective style was unlike anything listeners had heard before. And they didn't waste any time turning heads.

Reaching max capacity on Solid Gold Thunder's debut show is just a surface scratcher of what these boys are capable of and the effect their music has on the quickly growing followers. Two-demo songs later, they're melodiously creating an online commotion while hype explodes in local off beat venues. The self-proclaimed, "Trendy Indie Hip-Pop Funky Rock", movement began to form.

Assembled in March 2011, Solid Gold Thunder is a real release of the passion that has been oozing out of them for years in search of the perfect outlet. Preceding the band's formation, each member had their history in the local music scene with former bands such as "Faster Faster" and their sound grew from the merging of their talents to create a truly unique ensemble.

They're now planning to move forward to release a full-length album, while regionally touring to create personal relationships with existing fans. By reaching out via the vast realms of the internet and intimate venues, they're also gaining new ones along the way.

With influences like N.E.R.D, Maroon 5, Bill Withers, and the Foo Fighters, audiences are guaranteed something they can relate to, and groove to. Solid Gold Thunder is the tangible outlet for their shared passion. A passion shared by their quickly growing number of fans. So plug in and join the movement.

Stay tuned for important updates on new music, videos, and the album we're currently working on! Please feel free to help us spread the word!

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  • Lisa Plein said:
    Big Fan Here Mar 01
  • Deborah Hill said:
    I keep trying to pick my favorite song on the Hot Weather Sessions but just when I think I've found it, the next song starts and I go "damn, I like that one even more". Looking forward to watching you spill your passion on the rest of the world! Happy, happy, happy that it's happening about 2 blocks from my house!! Jul 13
  • Ty Stanfield said:
    Super EXCITED about March 2nd! Feb 06
  • Casey said:
    hey!!! i looove your music!! amazingg! Oct 29
  • Holly Stewart said:
    Lovee your music Oct 26
  • Steve Mehes said:
    dude wow this is a bit bluesie just saying Oct 13
  • welltechnically said:
    the prodigal sons have returned! your sound is great so far, can't wait to see what else you boys have up ya sleeve. try to make it to Tallahassee soon, plz. Aug 14
  • katie k said:
    black velveteen reminds me of some old school coheed&cambria songs i used to jam out to back in the day, but with a fresh new twist. can't wait to hear what else is in store. glad yall are back! Mar 31
  • Grady said:
    get down!!! Mar 31
  • miss fay said:
    i like both Mar 10

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